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Mom Picks Her 10-Year-Old Son Up From A Sleepover After They Tried Putting Him In A Diaper At Bedtime

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Sleepovers are an extremely controversial topic among parents. Some have no problem with their kids having or attending sleepovers, while others don’t allow it.

One mom didn’t have an issue with it — until another mom took things a little too far.

A mom said that another mother tried to make her 10-year-old son wear a diaper at a sleepover.

An anonymous mother posted on Reddit to describe the strange experience her son had at a sleepover. She explained that her son had recently made a new friend and, after she got to know his mom, they decided their first playdate would be a sleepover.

It all seemed to be going fine until around 9:00. Then, the mom said, “I got a call from my son’s phone. He has a basic flip phone for things like this. He was upset and wanted to come home. I asked what was wrong and he told me that [the other mom] wanted to put him in a diaper.”



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The mother hurried to her son’s friend’s house to find out what was going on.

“He was still upset when I found him sitting at their kitchen table along with [his friend],” she said. “[I] asked him what was going on and he explained to me that because [his friend] wet his bed [his mom] wanted him to wear a diaper as well. I turned and looked at [her] and told her [he] doesn’t wet the bed and didn’t need to put anything extra on for bed.”

The other mom argued it would simply make her son feel more comfortable if his friend wore a diaper as well, which the mother could understand to a certain extent. That is until she got the full story.

“I was expecting a pullup,” she stated. “But this was what looked like a thick adult diaper meant to fit kids.”

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the mom soon found out about her counterpart’s strange behavior as well. “Then the shocker came when my son told me she tried [to] make him take off his pants and lay on the floor so she could put it on him.”



The mom was shocked. She expressed her feelings and left with her son, but not before the other mom could complain and the friend could look truly disappointed.

As if all of this wasn’t bad enough, the mom stated that the friend’s mom took everything a step further. “My problem and the reason for this post is … the fact [she] put what happened on Facebook. Most of the commenters are on her side.”

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Unsurprisingly, commenters on Reddit fully backed up the mom who posted about the strange circumstance.

“Your child felt uncomfortable and you got him out of the situation. That’s all there is to it,” one person wrote. “You made the right call and took your son out of a very uncomfortable environment,” another said.

Others were concerned about the other mother’s behavior in this situation and suggested that the poster report it. “I’m a mandated reporter and this is something I’d probably call youth services over,” said one commenter. “You seriously need to call CPS,” said another.

Some were even worried about the son’s friend’s well-being. “Really worried about the [other] kid … it freaks me out that his mom is displaying blatant disregard for personal boundaries for another person’s kid,” someone said.

It's understandable why so many parents are choosing to forbid sleepovers.

If this scenario is indicative of what could potentially happen at sleepovers, it's no wonder so many parents are choosing to forbid the get-togethers



Clearly, this mother did nothing wrong. She was simply protecting her son and his boundaries.

Instead of being vilified on Facebook, she should have been applauded for stepping in to take care of her child.

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