Mom Kicks Out 19-Year-Old Pregnant Daughter Because She Wants To 'Keep The Baby But Not Be A Mom'

Her daughter had no plans to be a parent or do anything else really.

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Processing the fact that your baby is going to have a baby can be challenging. One mom found this to be true when her teen daughter told her she was pregnant. 

Unfortunately, she didn’t feel like she was able to be there for her daughter due to her ambitions, or lack thereof.

One mom was forced to kick her daughter out because she wasn’t willing to help with raising her baby.

An anonymous mother took to Reddit seeking reassurance after kicking her daughter out of the house.


“I had my daughter very young and I don’t regret it, but I would never encourage it due to how hard it was,” she said. “I had little to no support, and I would never wish the pain I went through on anyone.”

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This woman could not fathom that her daughter would want to struggle as a young mother like she did, but she was wrong.

“When my daughter came to me two weeks ago telling me that she’s two months pregnant, I sat her down,” she explained. “I did not want her to go through the same things I went through. I asked her how this happened and she said that it was planned. She and her boyfriend mutually decided that they wanted to be parents, and this horrified me because she knows all about the struggle we went through together and that I went through alone.”

The mother explained that plans have drastically changed since her daughter revealed she was pregnant.

“Her boyfriend still lives with his parents and refuses to go to college,” she said. “My daughter wanted to be a nurse but is now deciding that she won’t pursue a career because she wants to be a [stay-at-home mom] forever. She would’ve been going to school this fall but decided to unenroll before it began.”

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Despite her shock, this mother was prepared to support her daughter under certain conditions. She insisted that her daughter receive an education and that her school fund be spent on her actual education.

Her daughter, on the other hand, wanted to “still go out whenever she wanted,” in addition to not going to college.

“I told her that if she will not abide by these rules, then she’ll have to live with her boyfriend’s family,” her mom said. That’s exactly what she did.


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Although this is a complicated situation, this mother and daughter can get through it.

While there are plenty of statistics and expert opinions available, no set of numbers or talking points can truly express what is right for an individual family.

One of the most important things that any family can do is support the mother-to-be. She needs it now more than ever. From that perspective, this woman kicking out her daughter might not have been the best decision.

However, it is also important to let expecting mothers know what motherhood will be like. Nemours Kids Health suggested, “Help your teen understand that as rewarding as having a child is, it isn’t always fun.”


In that sense, this mom may have been doing something right. She wanted her daughter to know what it would really be like to be a mom and that she would have to actually be one instead of just leaving her baby with its grandma all the time.

Other expectations the mother set may have been helpful as well. For example, Nemours Kids Health said, “If at all possible, it’s best for girls who are pregnant to finish school so they can get better jobs and create a better life for themselves and their babies.”

While this mom and daughter’s relationship may have cracked, it is not irreparable. They both need each other during this time and finding that they can support each other will be of the utmost importance.


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