If You've Had This Surgery, You're More Likely To Get Pregnant (Says Science)

If you've had this surgery, you might get pregnant easier.

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If you got your tonsils out when you were a kid, you’re WAY more likely to get pregnant in the near future. So grab the condoms, set an alert for birth control, and make sure you’re careful because science says that you have higher pregnancy chances if your tonsils were removed.

In a quest to figure out what makes a woman less or more fertile, researchers have found out some pretty interesting things.


Researchers at the University of Dundee did a study that lasted 15 years, during which they looked at the medical histories of more than 530,000 women in the UK. All of these women had had their tonsils or appendix removed when they were younger.

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The study was able to conclude that these women were far more likely to conceive than those who hadn’t had these body parts removed. And to make it even stranger, the study found that women with higher rates of pregnancy were those who had had BOTH their tonsils and appendix removed.


If you happen to be one of those women, you better start evaluating your birth control methods!

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Unfortunately, though, the study doesn't give a definitive WHY to explain this phenomenon. Researchers do believe, however, that this connection could be either behavioral or biological.

One of the even stranger things about the study is that prior research came out saying the complete opposite of what these researchers have found. This is especially so for women who had their appendix removed because the scar tissue was known to negatively affect fallopian tubes.

So, for all of the women out there who are trying to get pregnant and have had one of these surgeries, this is good news. And for those of you who have been desperately trying to conceive, don’t go run to get your tonsils taken out — it’s not a good idea, ladies!


If you haven't gotten your tonsils out and are trying to get pregnant, there are a couple of natural tricks you can add to your daily routine to boost your chances of curing that baby fever.

According to a study in Fertility and Sterility, those who sleep in complete darkness have a higher chance of getting pregnant. It turns out that the late-night exposure to your iPhone or laptop can do more harm than just messing with your eyes. This light exposure actually reduces the production of melatonin in your body, the hormone that helps you sleep.

What makes this particularly bad for your ovaries is that melatonin helps protect a woman's eggs from free radicals, keeping things nice, healthy, and baby-friendly. So, while you may not be able to jump on the snipped tonsil bandwagon, you can still take action to help yourself become a mama faster.


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