I Hypnotized Myself While Giving Birth And It Was The Best Thing I've Ever Done

All of this afforded me the best pregnancy and birth I could have imagined.

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Before I was married or ever thought about having kids, I'm sure the mere mention of birth hypnosis for unmedicated childbirth made me roll my eyes. It sounded like something a "hippie" mom — who would also probably eat their placenta — would try. Can you tell I was a bit judgmental back in the day?

Fast forward to my current life: two babies, one unmedicated hypnotic birth, and capsules of my placenta in my freezer. Life is funny.


After my less-than-stellar first birthing experience, which included a scary moment after receiving my epidural and a very long and painful recovery, I knew that things needed to be different if we were going to have more babies.

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So, what made me come around to hypnosis and placenta pills? Well, after having my first baby, I started to educate myself more about the things we put inside our bodies. I also happened to have a friend who used a program called Hypnobabies Hypnosis for Childbirth, which was intriguing, to say the least.


The whole thing sounded so surreal — hypnotizing yourself to not feel the pain of childbirth? Impossible!

Have you ever seen a woman give birth? The panting, screaming, cursing, and breaking of her partner's fingers is not exaggerated. But the more I looked into the hypnosis program, the more I wanted to try it. It also helped that one of my best friends had done it. 

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So, before baby number two came along, I changed things up in a big way. I saw a midwife instead of an OB/GYN, looked into giving birth at a birth center instead of a hospital, continued to see my acupuncturist and chiropractor throughout my pregnancy, hired a doula, exercised more, and used mindful meditation, and most importantly, began the Hypnobabies at-home course.


All of this afforded me the best pregnancy and birth I could have imagined.

My guess date (that's right, not "due date") was July 9, and due to gestational diabetes, it was suggested I schedule an induction. I told myself (and baby) throughout the whole pregnancy that he was coming the first week of July, so I went ahead and scheduled the induction for July 9 with zero anticipation of attending. 

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On the morning of July 5, I started feeling things, listened to my hypnosis tracks on and off all day, went to the hospital at 9 PM that night, and was admitted a little before midnight.


At the suggestion of the Hyonobabies community I had become a part of during my pregnancy, we put up twinkle lights in the hospital room, dimmed the lights, and played the hypnosis tracks via Bluetooth speakers as I rocked on a birth ball and murmured birthing affirmations to myself.

One, in particular, reminds moms that contractions are just your uterus giving your baby a hug (insert my younger self eye-rolling), and ended up being helpful as things started getting really intense. 

A few moments before sunrise, I said, "Something's coming out," and a few pushes later, my little man was in my arms.

We went home the next morning and I was out trying our new double stroller 48 hours after giving birth. To me, this was unheard of — I didn't comfortably leave the house for weeks after my first baby.


It was an awesome experience, one that could actually make me desire to do it again. I had done hypnosis on myself. I remember calling my friend who used Hypnobabies a boss lady, and after that amazing early morning in July, I feel like one, too.

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