High Schooler 'Always Upstaged By Her Sister' Watches Her Get A Brand New Car At Her Own Valedictorian Party

Her feelings may be a sign of eldest daughter syndrome.

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Sibling rivalries are always a challenge, especially when it seems like they are one-sided or not everyone is aware of them. This is exactly what happened to a pair of sisters in high school. One sister always felt upstaged by the other until it became quite literally too much to ignore.

A high school valedictorian had to deal with the attention at her party being stolen by her younger sister.

A 17-year-old high schooler posted on Reddit asking for advice after feeling like she lost out to her 15-year-old sister yet again.


“Since I started high school, it feels like she takes all the attention,” the girl said of her younger sister. “Once she started going to my high school, she got really popular.”

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The girl offered an example of how her sister had stolen the spotlight from her. “I missed my senior prom because I didn’t have a date,” she said. “She went with one of the other seniors and hasn’t stopped talking about how much fun it was.”

Another difference between the two sisters showcased favoritism within their own family.

“When I turned 16, my aunt gave me her 2015 Nissan Versa, which is always breaking down and smells bad because she used to smoke in it,” she explained.

Meanwhile, her sister was hoping for something much better. “Every time there is a car commercial, my sister … sits on my dad’s lap like she’s a little kid and whines [that] she wants a car for her birthday.”


Fast-forward to the day this older sister thought she would finally receive the attention and validation she deserved.

“It was recently announced that I am the valedictorian,” she shared. “My dad decided to have a party to celebrate … Honestly, that felt really good because even he seems to like my sister more.”

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Even though she still felt like her little sister was taking over her big day, this girl did what she could to enjoy herself.

“Last week was the party at the house to celebrate my achievement,” she said. “I was having a pretty good time at the start. My sister was up in her room, taking forever to get ready. And, when she came out, I saw she had done everything she could to outdo me.”

She continued, “It sucked, but I was just trying to focus on my core group of friends. Then, as we’re all in the living room, we see through the big window, a truck with a trailer pull up. The driver comes [up] to the door. Turns out it’s a brand new car for my sister from my dad.”

The older sister was understandably hurt. Although her dad said the car was not supposed to show up in the middle of her party, it still did. 


She was heartbroken and felt like this was the final betrayal from her family. She slipped away from the party while everyone was excited about the car and went to the beach for some alone time.

The problems this girl had with her family could be a sign of eldest daughter syndrome.

Dr. Avigail Lev, a therapist, told Very Well Mind what eldest daughter syndrome is like for those who are living it.

The eldest daughter usually has the most expectations or responsibilities placed on her, feeling pressured to succeed, achieve, or take care of the family. They’re more likely to feel shame and guilt but also tend to be more independent,” she said.


Another therapist, Kati Morton, who has gone viral for her TikTok videos on eldest daughter syndrome, explained some of the symptoms to the Today Show

This girl certainly seems to have taken an extra amount of responsibility while also resenting other family members. 

While her father is showing favoritism towards his youngest daughter, it’s possible that some of the slights are simply perceived. Either way, this young woman should be proud of her achievements regardless of the accolades her sister stole from her on her special day.


She should also speak to her parents about the incident instead of letting it fester. Her feelings are valid, and she deserves to be heard. Communication is also an important step towards healing.

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