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Birthday Girl Texted Her Mom ‘Very Strict Rules’ About What She Could Look Like Dropping Treats Off At Her School

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Everyone has the right to be a little extra on their birthday. One girl took that to a new level when she gave her mom some very specific instructions on what she was supposed to wear when dropping off treats for her birthday at her school.

A fourth-grader told her mom exactly what to wear when she dropped off treats for her birthday at her school.

X user @pollygotsole shared her daughter’s demands for her appearance when she dropped off birthday treats at her school. In a screenshot of a text thread, the mom showed exactly what her daughter was asking for.

“I want you to [put] that wig on that you had for your birthday last year, and do your makeup, but make it look clean, and have your big tan tote bag,” the girl said. 

“And [put] on some jeans and a long sleeve top and [wear] some hoop earrings,” she continued. “And curl the wig.”

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“Y’all, my daughter gave me very strict guidelines on how I can show up to school on her birthday,” the mom stated, adding a humorous, “Please help me!”

In a follow-up tweet, the mom showed a screenshot of another text with the caption, “OMG y’all, it’s more.”

Apparently, the woman’s daughter had changed her mind about what her mother should wear when dropping off her birthday treats.

“But I want you to [wear] a black dress that looks cute, and wear some white heels or something that looks cute,” she insisted. “And not like the 2000s or nothing, Mom. Like 2024.”

The daughter finished her text by saying that she and her mom had to exude similar energy to each other. 

“I want you to [slay your] outfit and everything, because I’m a be laid and [slayed], so we just have to match the energy together,” she said.

The posts have gone viral on X, where the original has gained 7.1 million views, while the follow-up has 1.1 million views.

“She [runs] a tight ship!” one person said, to which the mom replied, “Very strict!”

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While the girl’s texts are adorable, they could also be a sign of bad behavior.

No one can deny that the little girl’s text instructions to her mom are simultaneously cute and hilarious. However, they also make one wonder if this behavior is appropriate.

In reality, the girl’s behavior could be seen as demanding and disrespectful. 

By telling her mother what to wear with no room for discussion or deviation, the girl is exhibiting a disrespectful attitude. This may not seem like a big deal, but it actually can be. 

Girl Texted Her Mom About What She Could Wear When Dropping Off Birthday Treats At Her SchoolPhoto: Ground Picture / Shutterstock

A 2015 study conducted out of the University of Virginia found that disrespectful children are much more likely to become rude adults. Unfortunately, ignoring this behavior only makes it worse. Unchecked, disrespectful children struggle with forming healthy relationships with peers and authority figures as well as family members.

Choosing to ignore disrespectful and demanding behavior as something that is just a phase or a cute quirk doesn’t do your child any favors.



Kids Konnect also acknowledged that it’s important to respond appropriately and effectively to demanding behavior by mirroring positive interactions, not being rude in return, and assuming positive intent.

Assuming positive intent is not difficult in this situation at all.



Surely this girl just wanted her mom to look nice, or “cool,” when she came to drop off her birthday treats in front of her friends. While her attitude may cause some to pause, it’s surely harmless.

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