Emotional Dad Picks His Daughter Up From Her Last Day Of High School Holding A Bouquet & Singing A Boyz 2 Men Song

'We've come to the end of the road, still I can't let go.'

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For graduating seniors, the end of high school marks the start of a new era as they cross the threshold into young adulthood.

Whether they’re leaving for college, living at home, or starting their first job, 18-year-olds around the U.S. are making major changes, coming into their own, and taking steps to establish their own lives.

It’s an exciting and hopeful time, yet for parents, it can serve as a reminder of how quickly things change. 


An emotional dad picked his daughter up from her last day of high school, holding a bouquet and singing Boyz 2 Men.

Jevin Smith has been making daddy-daughter pick-up videos for the past two years, documenting his creatively-inspired carpool duties. For his daughter’s last day of school, he planned an extra-special pick-up performance to celebrate her achievements.

@wealthyjev I’ve been doing these #daddydaugther pickup videos for over 2 years and this was my daughter @Reigny ‘s LAST DAY OF HIGH SCHOOL so I thought this would be appropriate m. I didn’t know we would get this #emotional ♬ Intergalactic Janet - Ley Soul

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The loving father hopped out of the car, holding a bouquet of red roses and a balloon, blaring the seminal 1992 Boyz 2 Men hit single, “End of the Road.”

His daughter, Jayna, walked across the school courtyard, smiling as her dad crooned and twirled before letting him envelop her in a hug.

“I didn’t know it would get this emotional,” Smith wrote in the caption.

If the teen was embarrassed by her father’s emotional final pick-up, she didn’t show it. She let herself feel the full range of her emotions, wiping away tears as her dad wrapped his arms around her.

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“Don’t make me cry!” Smith exclaimed, noting that he had to keep singing to stop himself from crying, too.

“Congratulations! Next week is graduation!” The joyful dad shouted. “You guys are out! Class of 2024!”

His daughter climbed into the backseat of the car as Boyz 2 Men played on, leaving high school for the last time.

Smith takes clear pride in his role as a father, highlighting the immense value of being an emotionally present parent.

A 2019 study from the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine documented the positive impact fathers can have on their children’s lives, noting that “Research indicates that children benefit socially and emotionally when fathers are more involved in their lives.”


The initial relationships we form with our primary caregivers have a lasting impact on how we see ourselves and how we relate to people we come across throughout our lives.

Having an emotionally available parent increases the likelihood of developing a secure attachment style.

Logan Cohen, a licensed therapist, revealed certain traits that an emotionally available and authentic person has.

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He noted that an emotionally available person’s words will align with their actions and values, meaning that they’re not just paying lip service to being present; they’re actually showing up for you.

An emotionally available person is open with their thoughts and feelings, even if those thoughts and feelings go against popular belief. They’re able to express vulnerability, and they show empathy through compassion.

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Smith’s dedicated, hands-on parenting style leaves no room for doubt as to how much he loves and cherishes his children in a truly authentic way.

In a separate post, Smith shared another emotional moment as he filmed Jayna opening a college decision letter from UC Irvine.

@wealthyjev We’re all waiting in anticipation as my daughter @Reigny opens up her #decisionletter to #UCI 😳🙏🏾#collegeacceptance #collegedecision #ClassOf2024 ♬ Suspenseful and tense orchestra(1318015) - SoLaTiDo

“Here we go,” he said excitedly, leaning over Jayna’s shoulder to peer at the laptop screen.

Jayna gasped as she read her acceptance letter out loud. She smiled as she recited the words, “Congratulations! We are delighted to offer you admission to the University of California, Irvine.”


As her family cheered and clapped, Jayna said, “This feels surreal; I can’t believe it.”

Her dad smiled from ear to ear as he declared, “You’re close enough that I can still pop up at your school.”

Jayna may have rolled her eyes, yet it’s clear that the love she and her dad share is a forever kind of love


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