Dad’s Nightly Ritual With His Daughter Is The Secret To Preventing A Morning Meltdown

He invented a sweet way to connect and make their mornings easier.

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Parents of young kids know that getting them out the door and off to school can be a harrowing battle. Abrupt transitions are always tough, and adding a mix of sleepy children plus rushed parents and early mornings can equal mutually assured destruction or at least some frustrated tears. 

One dad has an adorable nightly ritual with his daughter to prevent her from having a meltdown in the mornings. 

The 5-year-old’s mom captured her husband’s sweet approach to helping their daughter get ready for school each night. 


In an attempt to avoid fighting over what she’s going to wear in the morning, the dad presents her with a personalized fashion show before bedtime so she can choose her outfit ahead of time.



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The dad put an array of clothes on top of his daughter's dresser and then went through the details of each outfit as she sat watching. 

“I laid out four outfits for you [for] tomorrow morning, so we’re going to pick one now, and we don’t have to fight,” the dad said.

He presented his daughter with her first outfit choice, describing it as a “Pink and flower power girl option.” The outfit consisted of a pink top, jeans with embroidered flowers, and pink Nikes to pull the look together. 

For the second outfit, the dad explained, “I have polo preps with matching navy loafers.” He described her next potential outfit as “A beautiful pearl option with Barbie,” and then, “last but not least, I have cool kid on the block with skinny jeans, a BAPE sweater, and matching red shoes.” 


“Please, take a look and let me know your choice,” the dad concluded his presentation.

His daughter took an egalitarian approach to the outfits, declaring, “I like four of them,” before deciding on the winning pick: The first outfit, “Pink and flower power girl option.”



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Her dad checked in with her to make sure she felt good about her decision, asking, “That’s what you’re going with?” The little girl nodded in agreement.

“Let’s shake on it,” her dad said. “Is that your final choice? And you’re gonna lock it in?”  

He took his daughter’s hand in his and shook it gently, sealing the deal. 

Her mom spoke from behind the camera, asking, “So, no arguing in the morning?”

“No, no arguing tomorrow,” the dad declared. “This is recorded for quality assurance.”

The father-daughter duo shook hands again, agreeing not to fight about her outfit the next morning.

Kids have very little they can actually control about their own lives, as most big decisions are made for them by parents, caregivers, or teachers. 

It’s not surprising that kids try to exert a level of autonomy by demanding to only eat certain foods or wear certain clothes. What adults view as being picky or difficult is more often a child’s way of having some self-determination




A crucial part of being a parent is learning how to regulate your own emotions so you can help your kids regulate theirs.

This dad took what could have been a struggle and flipped the script, making it a fun moment that he and his daughter share every night. The care and affection the dad shows toward his daughter are clear in this particular act of service he provides. 


As the little girl grows older, she’ll surely decide at some point that she wants to make her outfit decisions completely on her own. But for now, she and her dad have a special nightly activity, one that helps both their mornings run smoother.

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