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A Dad Asks Why His Wife’s Stocking Is Empty On Christmas Morning — ‘Santa Didn’t Come For Me’

Photo: @whataboutaub / TikTok
@whataboutaub split screen with empty stocking

A husband is being criticized for not making Christmas morning special for his wife after noticing the lack of presents she was given.

In a TikTok video, Aubree and Josh Jones, a married couple who both make separate content on the video-sharing platform, caught the attention of viewers after the duo unpacked their Christmas stockings with their children.

He was criticized for asking why his wife's stocking was empty.

In Aubree's video, Josh recorded their daughters taking out all of the gifts they'd received in their stockings on Christmas morning. Overflowing with toys and other goodies, Josh panned the camera around the room, even showing off all of the things he'd gotten in his stocking.

Dad asks why his wife's stocking is empty on Christmas morningPhoto: @whataboutaub / TikTok

"Well girls, you got stuff filling your stockings. Here's my stocking over there," Josh said. Eventually, though, the camera moved to an empty stocking that was lying on the couch. Sarcastically, Josh pressed his hand against the stocking, inquiring out loud whose it was.

Dad asks why his wife's stocking is empty on Christmas morningPhoto: @whataboutaub / TikTok

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"Whose is this? Is this an extra one?" Josh asked. Aubree immediately piped up, answering that it wasn't, and the empty stocking belonged to her as she sat on the couch watching her daughters unwrap all of their presents. 

When Josh jokingly asked why the stocking was empty, Aubree answered, "I don't know. Santa didn't come for me." She seemed to be in good spirits about the entire ordeal, laughing as she took the empty stocking from her husband and tossed it aside.

Dad asks why his wife's stocking is empty on Christmas morningPhoto: @whataboutaub / TikTok

However, their video amassed a plethora of backlash and criticism from viewers and other creators. In a response video, another content creator named Gabi pointed out that this "trend" of mothers not finding anything in their stockings or under the tree on Christmas morning is not remotely funny at all.

Dad asks why wife's stocking is empty on Christmas morningPhoto: @gabzilla.rawr / TikTok

"They created the Christmas magic for everyone but no one bothered to think of them," Gabi pointed out. "If you're a guy and you're watching that just so you know, it's not funny. It's embarrassing."

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She advised women to think about making wishlists to give to their partners so that their husbands or boyfriends at least have an idea of what to get them.

A staggering amount of women report feeling high amounts of stress during the holiday season.

According to a study conducted by YouGov, it was found that 51% of women said Christmas was stressful compared with 35% of men. Much of this stress comes from the societal expectation that women should be providing more and going above and beyond during the holiday season.

In various media, including movies and TV shows, girlfriends, wives, and mothers are seen rushing around and doing the mad dash right before Christmas, trying to secure all of the right presents for everyone in their family. In the context of Christmas, gift-giving and showing appreciation to loved ones is something that should be reciprocated, especially when the person gifting a present is going out of their way to make the holiday special for everyone else.

Mothers, just like everyone else, deserve to feel appreciated every single day, but especially during Christmas. Feeling valued and loved shouldn't be something anyone has to fight for, and ignoring that special woman in your life, no matter who she is, will only make her feel that much more unimportant and overlooked.

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