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Comedian Who Gained Fame Teaching Kids How To Fake Being Sick Has Parents In An Uproar

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All kids have days where they simply do not want to go to school, whether they have a test they didn’t study for that day, had gym or need a day off to decompress. However, parents don't always accept requests to stay home from school, so sometimes, kids have to resort to extreme measures to convince them that they're sick. 

One social media influencer and comedian has become an unlikely hero for such students (and many parents’ worst nightmare) after he shared his tips and tricks for faking being sick to get out of going to school. 

The man is teaching kids how to make themselves appear ill, and even make fake vomit, for when they want to skip school.

Chris Moua, a popular comedian on social media, shared a video directed at kids who want to get out of going to school on the days they don’t feel like it. According to Moua, if you want to fool your parents into believing you're sick, you have to look the part. 

“You want to mess up your hair and your eyebrows so it looks like you’ve been tossing and turning all night,” he recommended. 

He also suggested scattering tissues all over your bed to make it appear as if you’ve been blowing your nose. 



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To make the performance even more believable, Moua urged kids to use a syringe to put clear Vaseline at the corner of their nostrils to make it appear as if they have a runny nose. 

For those really desperate to stay home, Moua taught them how to make their own fake vomit using oats, peanut butter, and water. Combine the ingredients together in a bowl and heat them up in a microwave for about a minute. 

“You’re gonna put it in your mouth, call your mom, and let her know you’re sick,” Chris said before offering a demonstration.

He then added tips for faking a fever. “Before you go to your mom, make sure you look sad and shiver a few times, and tell her that you can’t taste or smell anything.” 



And if those tricks didn't work, Moua advised students to go to the nurse's office at school with similar symptoms. “How do I know this? Because I’ve done this a couple hundred times,” he admitted. 

Students loved Moua's ideas, and many of them shared that they were going to use his tips or that they had taken similar measures to get out of going to school. 

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Many parents were outraged that Chris was offering his advice to their children on how they could get themselves out of school. 

“It’s all fun and games until we take them to the hospital,” one TikTok user commented. “You may be able to fake being sick, but parents can take your sources of entertainment away until you confess,” another user wrote. 

The main concerns many parents had were their child missing out on important information and finding alternative childcare if they work and their child is too young to stay home alone all day. 

Comedian Who Gained Fame Teaching Kids How To Fake Being Sick Has Parents In An UproarPhoto: pixelshot / Canva Pro

Sometimes kids just need a day off.

Most children, depending on the country or region they live in, are required to attend school at least 180 to 200 days out of the year. Included in those days are sports, after-school clubs, homework, and chores. Just like adults, kids can get burned out too.

They are entitled to a few sick days every once in a while even if they aren't really sick. Sometimes students just need a break from it all and that is okay. They are human, after all.

But, maybe instead of taking Moua's comedy bits as how-to manuals for tricking parents, kids should just be open and honest about their needs. It's certainly a lot easier for parents to plan a day off than to scramble at the last minute to find childcare.

And let's be real, parents aren't naive enough to fall for most of these tricks — they tried themselves not long ago, after all!

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