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Qigong Specialist, Wellness Coach

About Jan Tucker

Jan Tucker is an American yogi—not a physical yogi—but a spiritual one. And that means many things.

Yoga beyond the physical can completely transform your life. It can remove your deepest fears. It can peel back the many layers of ego you have created in an attempt to protect yourself. It can help reveal your true inner Self to yourself. Yoga helps you live from a place of balance and peace in all situations and relationships—in everything you do. It is a path to happiness and contentment.

After breaking free from corporate America five years ago Jan created an Internet store called White Lotus Living to offer consumers pure, everyday products that are completely free from chemical ingredients. She also blogs about this subject and about yoga and Ayurveda (Indian medicine and healing) at Beyond Green Blog, which can be found at her website.

Last year Jan expanded White Lotus Living to include yoga teachings and concepts. She created the first month-long journey into yoga meditation called The White Lotus Way in 5 Minutes a Day. It is a bi-monthly event accessed through the White Lotus Living Facebook page and it will be published as a book later in 2013. The journey helps people explore inner blocks to meditation so they can either begin to meditate or improve their current practice. Removal of these blocks also improves a person’s life and helps them live in a more balanced, peaceful way. As they live this way in the world, the world will also become a better place to live.

Jan is all about helping you create harmony in your life by guiding you back to a very basic way of living. Follow her journey to find out who you are.