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10 years +


Forestville MD 20747 - United States



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Career Coach, Confidence Coach, Leadership Coach, Mentor, Organization, Personal Development Coach, Relationship Coach, Speaker/Presenter, Spiritual Coach

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All areas, please inquire



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When you know who you are and live life for yourself you have a greater awareness of your strengths, skills, passions and purpose. Let me support you on your journey of knowing yourself, finding your confidence and your purpose so you can passionately pursue your divinely assigned purpose and destiny.

About Veronica L. Matthews

I am a Leadership Coach, Career Coach, Personal Development Coach, Confidence Coach, Speaker/Presenter and founder of VLM Coaching & Consulting Services LLC.

People have always been a draw for me. Relating to people and understanding what makes them tick has intrigued me since I was a little girl. Within the study of Human Resources, I learned I loved supporting people as they created and navigated their career, as they wanted to rebuild working relationships damaged by interpersonal and/or communication issues and as managers struggled to relate and ‘get through to’ their employees. My charge came from coaching to awareness and professional growth.

Fast forward 10 years, as a lover of education and self-development, I took a Coaching course in 2015. There in the middle of the lesson on the 2nd day, I had an epiphany. Tears welled in my eyes and my life’s purpose was revealed to me, right there in class.  I discovered that my passion to support people in their journey to be their best selves was what I was destined to do.  In 2017, I enrolled in a year-long journey of self-discovery and Coach training with Accomplishment Coaching (AC). I have learned more about myself than I could ever imagine. As I transform, my desire is to wholeHEARTedly support others in their transformation … while creating awareness and enlightenment. 

In AC, I learned at my core/my essence, I am Heart-Poise-Brilliance-Virtue-Valor. In my essence, I stand ready to support my clients in their discovery, declaration, enlightenment and transformation as they journey to create the lives they want to live and Be who they want to be. 

Ready to embark on your journey? Let me support you.

Veronica L. Matthews Success Stories

Absolutely life changing!


"If I could give more stars I would. Veronica was absolutely fantastic and I highly recommend her for anyone out there looking for career and life coaching. more

I went into my first session in the middle of a job transition, completely lost and clueless as to what to do next. A few sessions later and it was like someone turned the lights on and I could see clearly (probably for the first time in my life). I grew heads and shoulders above where I was before and I am truly thankful to her guidance through the entire process."   Phil S., Bowie, MD

Highly Recommended


"We contacted Ms. Matthews to provide coaching services for staff members who were having difficulty in their new roles. She was superb. Not only did she improve organizational performance but she inspired a higher level of accountability throughout the organization."  more

C. Page, Non-profit Executive Director, Bethesda, MD

Clarity and Awareness

If you're coming to life coaching with Veronica thinking that you're going to get quick, easy answers, save your money and buy a Magic 8 Ball.  Veronica doesn't give you the answers.  Her practice is firmly grounded in the belief that you know what you want.   What she gives you is guidance to uncover the truths that have been buried by fear and hurt and the support to help you challenge the limiting beliefs that are holding you back.  You will come away with a powerful shift in perspective that will energize your life and free you to not only dream of a better future, but take active steps toward making that dream a reality.  more

I have come away from my coaching time with more focus and stronger in my belief that you can make positive changes at any stage of life.  Coaching with Veronica has been one of the best gifts I've given myself and I believe I will use what I've learned to move toward greater and more exciting goals for years to come.  Miranda S., Florida

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