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About Vivian Shnaidman

Dr. Vivian Chern Shnaidman is a devoted psychiatrist who specializes in navigating the intersection of psychiatry and law. She is certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in both Psychiatry and Forensic psychiatry and is a graduate of the Sackler School of Medicine of Tel Aviv University and Bryn Mawr College. She trained in Psychiatry at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and the State University of New York at Buffalo,  and completed the prestigious New York University Fellowship Program in Psychiatry and Law. Her expert opinion has been highly sought after as she has provided expert testimony in over fifty published court case and too many unpublished cases to count. She has appeared as a psychiatric expert on numerous television and radio programs, in venues from local to international.

In addition to her psychiatric work, Dr. Shnaidman is a prolific writer and speaker. Academic Press, a division of Elsevier, published FORENSIC PSYCHIATRY: A LAWYER’S GUIDE in 2016. Dr. Shnaidman has made several contributions to periodicals and presents frequently at national and international conferences. She has also published two works of fiction, LOOSENING OF ASSOCIATIONS and HOMICIDAL INTENT from Random House.

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