5 Great Ways To Survive Being Single On New Year's Eve

Are you filled with dread thinking of being alone on the biggest "date night" of the year?

The pressure of being single on New Year's Eve is even more daunting than being dateless on Valentine's Day. The reality of having no one to kiss at midnight can make you feel hopeless and discouraged, afraid that next year will be just like the last; that you will never find love.

But take heart, you can turn your New Year's experience around by creating your own celebration. You can have a fabulous and exciting time by setting the stage for next year and dedicating the holiday to getting the love you want in 2012.

Here are 5 great ways to survive being single on New Year's Eve:

  1. Dress up! It's one of those times to forget the rules. On New Year's Eve anything goes so do yourself up in way that makes you feel good. Don't worry about being "age appropriate" or too outrageous. Clothes will alter your feelings so play around with glitter, velvet, or lace -- go for those things that feel festive and express your "Inner Diva"
  2. Try something new! Explore an interest or a hobby you've only fantasized about. Find a meet-up group or class that will inspire you to get started or go out and buy the materials you need to begin. This will "inform" your subconscious mind that you are open to new experiences and ready to expand your life in the New Year.
  3. Write a "love letter" to you! Write to yourself about all the good things you experienced in the last year. Express appreciation to yourself for the challenges you faced and how well you overcame them. Remind yourself about the people you've helped and how you made a difference in their lives. Sign it with love, address it to yourself and drop it in the mailbox
  4. Make a date! Select a place you want to visit in the next month. Make it somewhere that will speak to your soul. Choose a ranch where you can ride horses or cabin by a lake. Visit a friend who lives far away. Whatever you decide, make the reservations and the arrangements now. Leaving the comfort of home will impress your subconscious mind that you are open for more adventure and fun in your life
  5. Buy a present! Choose a gift that will remind you of your wish for the New Year. A ring or a bracelet you put on everyday can help you remember that you have the intention of finding love in 2012. A picture in a pretty frame for your bedside table is another great reminder. The present doesn't need to be fancy or expensive; it just needs to be meaningful and special to you.

If you do these 5 things New Year's Eve will quickly pass and before you know it all the anticipation and craziness will be over.

And there's one more thing; every New Year's Eve you're single brings you closer to the New Year's when you won't be! So hold that thought and know that you can make 2012 a year for love and celebration!