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About Victoria Costello

As an author, speaker and educator Victoria's brings together and translates the best science available on family wellness with an emphasis on emotional and mental health. She offers this expert information to parents and others in a form they can use today.

As a mother she stays close to her two grown sons. Professionally she made her mark as an Emmy Award winning science journalist, and coauthor of five published books in psychology, including: a parents’ guide to childhood OCD, a popular science book on the chemistry of human relationships, and, with Dr. Jack C. Westman, a guide to child and adolescent psychology.

Victoria's articles offer previews from her upcoming book A Lethal Inheritance, A Mother Uncovers the Science Behind Three Generations of Mental Illness, reflecting the decade she spent researching how to treat and prevent mental illness in children and adolescents. Due out from Prometheus Books in Jan 2012, you can pre-order A Lethal Inheritance on Amazon.

Victoria is married and she lives and works in San Francisco where she’s a board member of the S. F. Mental Health Association and a consultant to the S. F. Family Services Agency. Visit her at www.victoriacostello.com and www.raisinghealthyminds.com.

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