The Benefits Of Sexercises

Sexercises, of course, combines the words sex and exercises. They are designed to maximize sex muscle strength and control. The sex muscles are the internal muscles used in sexual play. They provide those heavenly involuntary contractions (about one per second) during our genital orgasms. Well-conditioned sex muscles correlate highly with sexual pleasure and genital health. In fact, sex experts tout the development of these muscles as a way to achieve, intensify, prolong and control genital orgasm in both sexes. We know that weak, flabby muscles don’t do their job very well. Your arms stay strong because you use them daily. Your sex muscles, though, are rarely used in daily life except to hold in urine or fecal matter until you can find a bathroom, or to hold back the untimely release of gas. That’s about it!

The sex muscles are comprised of a group of pelvic muscles called the pubococcygeus, or PC muscle, and two circular anal sphincter muscles. The PC muscle is the basic muscle of the pelvic floor that connects the anus and the genitals. More precisely, it attaches to the pubic bone in the front and the tailbone, or coccyx, in the back. The two anal sphincter muscles are less than an inch apart. The external one is located at the entrance to the rectum while the internal one is about ¾ of an inch inside the rectum.

The PC muscle controls the flow of urine. The easiest way to find the muscle is to stop and start the flow as you urinate. This may feel like a valve closing and opening around the genital area. If you pay strict attention, you may also notice a tightening around the anus since the PC and anal sphincter muscles generally move as a unit. You also use your PC muscle to force out the last drop of urine as you bear down. In the late 1940’s, pioneering gynecologist Arnold Kegel, was credited with discovering the value of strong PC muscles for sexual health and pleasure. Actually, Kegel made his discovery quite by accident while treating women who suffered from poor bladder control. He hoped to have them avoid surgery by strengthening their PC muscles through a basic exercise program that has come to bear his name. Not only were the exercises helpful in warding off surgery, but also many women reported an interesting by-product. They were getting turned-on, and many began to experience orgasm for the first time in their lives.

Sexercises involve both sustained clenching and rapid contractions alternating with periods of complete relaxation. The idea is to isolate and contract the sex muscles while the rest of the body stays relaxed. In the beginning, the tendency is for an army of muscles to contract along with the sex muscles. Keep practicing, though, and the ability to isolate these muscles will surely emerge.

Here is a list of some of the benefits of strong sex muscles for men. Firmer erections, ejaculation control, the ability to orgasm without ejaculating, enhanced penis thrusting power, the prevention of the enlargement of the prostate gland, and the ability to overcome impotency.

For women, the list of benefits include: the easing of menstrual difficulties, an increase in clitoral responsiveness, increased vaginal holding power, increased vaginal lubrication, and they provide a great preparation for a healthy childbirth.

The following benefits are for both men and women: they stimulate the genitals with oxygen rich blood, they lengthen and intensify orgasm, they prevent hemorrhoids and constipation, they massage the uro-genital system, rejuvenating youth-hormones are released, they increase libido, they increase bladder control, and they redirect sexual energy upward in the body for a whole body experience of orgasm.

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