Orgasm is arguably the most intensely satisfying human experience.  For some of us, it’s as close to religious awe as we will ever get. It is no mistake that in the throes of orgasm many of us cry out divine phrases like, “Oh, my God.” Experience tells me that a juicy orgasm can provide a lift-off that propels us into higher consciousness and into the spiritual realms. Yes, there is a dynamic connection between ecstatic sex and spirit. Yet this esoteric function of orgasm as a vehicle for accessing the spiritual dimension through sex has gone mostly unnoticed by the majority of sexually active people.

Why is this so? Though most people are unaware of it, there are essentially two different types of orgasms. However, only one kind is commonly experienced. Virtually everyone’s orgasm is accompanied by a genital release. This is the type of orgasm that Masters and Johnson defined as “ the sudden discharge of accumulated sexual tension that results in rhythmic muscular contractions in the pelvic region accompanied by an intense sensation of pleasure.”

This conventional, but ultimately less fulfilling type of orgasm, is known as an “explosive” orgasm. The sexual tension builds until it can no longer be contained and then it is released in an explosive manner. Virtually all men and many women are familiar with the explosive orgasm. In fact, for a vast majority of sexually active people, it is the only kind of orgasm that they can imagine. Men know it as the typical ejaculation-orgasm characterized by genital release, loss of semen, loss of erection, and unbeknown to many men and women who have failed to connect the dots ---- loss of vital life-force energy. For a man, the “getting off” in this way is similar to a computer crashing. The system goes down and the party is over, at least until the power comes back on. Many women are familiar with this type of orgasm. Like untrained men, they too, follow the same formula. However, unlike men, women generally do not lose vital energy from coming.

The other type of  “implosive” orgasm --- the one-hour orgasm ---- is seldom experienced in conventional sex since genital release invariably short-circuits the process. It has many benefits because its influence extends far beyond the genitals and the pelvic region. It literally rejuvenates and sends healing energies to every cell. It is truly a full-body experience that is a more controlled, internalized experience that quite frankly requires a greater sexual skill-set, especially for a man. After all, it is he who must master the art of seminal retention. It is his sexual apparatus that must stay up and running long enough for the orgasmic energy to complete its internal circuit through the body until it permeates every cell.

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The problem is that very few of us have had any formal training in the sexual arts. Most lovers simply do not have the necessary lovemaking skills to achieve sexual ecstasy. To pull it off, the lovers must remain in a high state of arousal, on the cutting edge, just below the orgasmic release point without spilling over, for a half-hour, an hour, or more. They must avoid a genital release so that the arousal has time to spread throughout the whole body, not just the genitals. If withholding genital release was correctly understood and practiced, lovers could harness the creative power inherent in the sexual force and use it for spiritual enlightenment by having prolonged, leisurely, full-body one-hour orgasms.

As you might imagine, explosive and implosive orgasms differ in their results. When sexual energy is released in a gigantic burst, the result is a reduction in sexual tension, interest and consciousness. Yes, it is quite relaxing, and may even be sleep inducing (a sure sign of energy loss), but that is the extent of it. It can never be deeply fulfilling simply because it does not involve the whole body. Only whole body orgasms stimulate the higher energy centers such as the heart and brain. As far as a man is concerned, only implosive orgasms have the capacity to leave him energetically engorged rather than sexually depleted.

The dynamic connection between ecstatic sex and spirit can only be experienced when sexual energy is contained in the body and allowed to ascend. We’ve all heard that sex begins in the brain ---- true enough ---- but while the explosive orgasm ends at the genitals and short-circuits the one-hour orgasm ---- the implosive orgasm returns the rejuvenating orgasmic energy back to its source ---- the master glands in the brain where consciousness is transformed. This recycling step is the key to spiritual illumination just as avoiding the conventional genital release is the key to the one-hour orgasm.