Though it may come as a surprise to many men, the brief intoxicating rush of pleasure experienced during male ejaculation is far from the most blissful moment available to men in sex. Our pleasure potential is much greater than that. However, for a man to reach truly ecstatic states in sex requires that he spend lengthy periods (a half hour, or an hour, or more) of sexual activity in high states of arousal, but without a genital discharge. Accomplished male lovers, those who have mastered the art of seminal retention, know that male ejaculation is a vastly overrated source of sexual pleasure. They understand that calling ejaculation the “climax” of pleasure is really just a bad habit left over from early programming.

No matter how intense an ejaculation may be, because of its brevity and the undesirable aftereffects (loss of vital life-force energy, lose of erection, loss of sexual desire), it is definitely not the peak experience that we have been conditioned to believe it is. And bear in mind that whatever fleeting pleasure we men experience in sex lasts only until we ejaculate. Thereafter, as every man knows, the penis does not take kindly to additional stimulation and may retreat like a turtle moving back into its shell.

Most men are as yet unaware that the opportunity to experience the most intensely pleasurable time in sex exists at the interval right before ejaculation would occur ---- just before the point-of-no-return. Here exists a very special “doorway” that is virtually imperceptible to the untrained neophyte. It lies precisely between the world of peak arousal and genital release. When this doorway is entered thoughtfully, with keen awareness and restraint, ejaculation can be averted, or delayed, providing us with the opportunity to prolong our escalating arousal indefinitely. The longer we stay aroused ---- the more turned-on we become. As you might imagine, successfully mastering this strategy will initiate multiple, peak, full-body orgasms just like the most sexually passionate women enjoy.

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With practice, any man can learn to successfully negotiate this “doorway,” so that the interval just before climax can be savored and prolonged for maximum pleasure. Thus, the one-hour orgasm is born. Of course, it’s a bit like walking a tightrope high above the ground. One accidental slip and it’s over. The challenge for every man is to learn to play on the “cutting edge” of ejaculation like a master surfer successfully riding wave after blissful wave to shore. Just like our successful surfer, you want to avoid getting wiped out. It requires a man to learn to contain waves of orgasmic pleasure streaming throughout his body/mind without coming. Is this a daunting task? Not really, but one well worth practicing and ultimately perfecting.