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G-spot massage is an intimate connection of a new kind in our culture, and women vary greatly in their responses to it. In a typical G-spot massage session a woman may experience anything and everything, from intense emotional and physical pain to rapture and sexual ecstasy. In order to understand why, it’s helpful to have a clear understanding of armoring; a process whereby past traumatic experiences are stored in the muscular tissues of the body. If you have ever received a deep tissue massage, you know that during the sometimes painful probing of deep tissues, the simplest touch to some seemingly innocuous part of the body when sensitively and expertly applied may release a torrent of emotion and long-suppressed memory.

Though most people are unaware of it, the male and female sex organs are just as prone to armoring as the rest of the body. Since the G-spot is such a sensitive area and so well hidden deep inside, it is believed to be a perfect receptacle for storing sexual and emotional trauma. The so-called negative emotions like fear, anger, shame, rage and guilt often reside in, or are in close proximity to, the anal and genital areas in what has come to be known as genital armoring. Armoring causes the tissue to harden, creating tension and blocking the flow of energy in the area that has been traumatized. By armoring itself, the body attempts to protect itself from pain, but in the process the area in question becomes desensitized to the extent that it reduces the person’s capacity to feel pleasure.

Psychic wounds often reside inside the vagina, and so the G-spot is particularly prone to armoring. As such, it often functions at a reduced level of sensitivity that inhibits pleasure and interferes with the full orgasmic release. Since every cell in the body has a memory, traces of the emotional content of every unsatisfactory sexual experience have been recorded in the muscular tissues of the genitals in a nearly imperceptible way.

Though women are seldom aware of it, if a woman has had painful sexual experiences, either physical or emotional, her initial response to being touched there may be pain. It may feel as if she has been bruised or cut. If she perseveres though, and if she and her partner go slowly, lovingly, and tenderly, the sore spot inside her can heal, and with it her past wounds. Healing herself in this way can awaken in her a power she has never known that can illuminate her life on many levels, and it can provide her with the opportunity for major psychological breakthroughs. For her, it is a marvelous opportunity to experience increased awareness on many levels.

With loving hands-on massage, a thorough healing of genital armoring can take place. Only then will a woman be able to experience optimum sexual pleasure. Only then will she be able to relate to the G-spot as “the Holy Grail of female pleasure.” A woman may consider herself healed when there is no fear, no identification with past traumas, and therefore no habitual tendency to contract during sexual play.

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