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Life is ours for the taking and the making! I am an intensely thoughtful and curious woman who seeks to better understand the experiences of the people I work with and myself on this wild, meaningful ride through life.

About Treena Orchard

I am an author, dating expert, and wellness mentor based in London, Ontario, affectionally known as the “other London.” These dynamic skills overlap in my life as an Associate Professor, a woman seeking romance, and a seasoned traveler of the healing path.  Sexuality, gender, and health are the focus of my research with people in sex work, Indigenous communities, groups affected by HIV/AIDS, and sexual and gendered minorities. I collect my qualitative data using interviews, cultural immersion, and arts-based methods (i.e., writing, photovoice, body mapping).

Since beginning my academic career in 1997, I have published over fifty peer-reviewed articles and book chapters and delivered sixty-five papers at conferences around the world. I have also written two books with Springer Press (NYC). Co-authored with Susan Dewey and Tiantian Zhang in 2016,  Sex workers and Criminalization in North America and China features academic research about the lives of women in sex work. My arts-based and empowerment work is documented in Remembering the Body: Ethical Issues in Body Mapping Research. Published in 2017, it’s one of the only books to explore body mapping, which is a transformative trauma-informed approach to healing, research, and mobilization.

Dating is one of the most challenging aspects of life, especially in our digital landscape where ghosting and catfishing reign supreme! I began writing about sex and romance after using Bumble, the dating app where women make the first move. The writing and presentations I deliver about my sticky, sexy, and sometimes sad experiences resonate with audiences in powerful ways. People routinely thank me for having the courage to share my insightful, often hilarious encounters. I have been a consultant for several Canadian and international dating apps and my work in this area has received overwhelming media coverage. I’m currently working on a memoir based on my Bumble dating experiences- stay tuned!

My professional and personal life is enriched by my commitment to self care and wellness, including talk therapy, yoga, gemology, and other healing arts like tarot and oracle cards. My training and on-going practice in these areas generates balance and mindfulness, which I bring to all of my interactions, relationships, and daily activities. Truth: I’m not always ‘Zen’ and fall from harmonious grace every now and then, but don’t we all? Bringing my failures and mishaps into my work with students, colleagues, and loved ones is critical to offering support that is grounded in real life.

I’d love to meet you and start conversations about social issues, research, and therapeutic journeys that matter. Whether you’d like me to contribute my expertise to a conference, provide academic mentorship or host a group exercise that facilitates healing, learning or advocacy, please reach out. Let’s collaborate to share our stories in ways that add vibrancy and value to our communities. To learn more about me, my research, and the dynamic skill set I bring, visit my website: https://treenaorchard.com/.


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