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Crows Nest NSW 2065 - Australia



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Counselor/Therapist, Relationship Coach, Speaker/Presenter

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Even though a small part of you may feel like giving up on love, I know that you CAN and WILL find love.

About Tracey Wynter

Hi there, let me introduce myself….  My name is Tracey Wynter and I am a Dating Coach and an expert on finding long lasting love. 

I help both women and men who are at a stage in their life where they are just sick and tired of being single, or of continually being in the wrong relationship, and who are beginning to wonder if they will ever find ‘The One’.

I can help you discover and remove what is REALLY holding you back from finding long-lasting love, to get ‘relationship ready’, and to date in a more effective way, so that you CAN Finally Find The One.

I know exactly what it feels like to think that everyone else in the world can find love…. except me.  I was basically single for 20 years of my adult life.  During that time, I did go on plenty of dates and had some boyfriends – but they only ever lasted a couple of months.  I used to feel like everyone else got the chance at love except me.  I longed for love, but it always seemed out of reach.

The truth is that during those 20 years I did meet a lot of beautiful men – but I usually made some kind of excuse not to be with them. I kept sabotaging my chances at love – although I didn’t realize that at the time.

I became a qualified counselor and coach in my early 30’s.  Not long after that I saw an advertisement for a weekend workshop on relationships and it told me that I could find out the reason why there was a lack of relationships in my life.  It didn’t turn out to be a quick weekend fix for me and I spent another 4 years of additional training in cathartic breathwork which was intense and challenging. I finally found out the reasons why I was single – and they shocked me!

While seeing clients in my private practice I decided that I needed to take my search for love to the next level and put all my focus and attention on love. So back in 2011 I created my business Conscious Love And Relationships.

I started to hold Conscious Singles Dating Events.  At these events I lectured on ways to date more consciously to find true love – and I took my own advice! I developed specific exercises for me to do to prepare myself for love and I came up with several key strategies to use while dating to meet the perfect person for me. 

Within 3 months of using these specific exercises and strategies I met the man who I have now been with for nearly 7 years and have had two gorgeous children with (on a side note… it is totally possible to have kids in your 40’s – don’t give up hope).

The “trick” to finally finding the one is to make sure that you are absolutely “ready” for love.  And by that, I mean clearing all the unconscious blocks you have around love and relationships that are keeping you single.  After uncovering and dissolving all the reasons you are single, you need to get yourself ‘relationship ready’ and then date in a very conscious way.  This will ensure that you find a relationship that will last a lifetime.

I am here to help you with it all, and I would be honored to join you on your journey towards love.

To start with, you might like to join my new free Facebook group where you can join like-minded people who are searching for love.  There you can ask questions or ask for support from others in the group (and from me), and you can give support to others and share your stories as well.   You will also receive some great advice, information and updates from me.  I hope to see you there soon!  https://www.facebook.com/groups/finally.find.the.one.with.tracey.wynter/

Even though there may be a small part of you that has given up on finding love, I know that you CAN and WILL find it. 



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