Years in Practice

10 years +


Virginia Beach VA 23454 - United States



Additional Expertise

Leadership Coach, Personal Development Coach, Relationship Coach, Spiritual Coach, Wellness Coach

I Practice in

All areas, please inquire



I Believe

Life success, satisfaction, and holistic wellbeing are possible through God/Christ, faith, balance, focus, responsibleness, learning, and thankfulness.

About Tovari Eliyah

Greetings! I am a United States native who has become an international pastoral counselor by travel and Internet. Currently I am located in the Philippines serving as a rabbi/church pastor, teacher, counselor, and coach, while continuing my international communications and ministry. I am passionate and capable to help people with varied personal and relational counseling or consulting, regardless of their religious affiliation or worldview.  

My educational background in United States includes a Master of Divinity, Master of Arts, Master of Business Administration, Christian and Messianic Jewish ministry ordination, Paralegal Certificate, and public school teaching certification. I am a valid member of American Association of Pastoral Counselors, International Positive Psychology Association, and the National Association of Independent Writers & Editors.    

The construct for my helps ministry over the years has been as an independent small business owner, director, teacher, and writer.  I began with Great Physician Ministries (1996-2010), which was a teaching and writing ministry focused on mental, emotional, and spiritual healing for needy and hurting people. From 2011 until now I have led Divine Glory Life Ministries, which implemented an expansion to an international communicative context and also enabled me to live abroad, applying my holistic philosophy and principles in person in a cross-cultural setting. It became time in 2017 for me to increase; thus I am here, glad to share with you my professional independent online counseling and consulting services, designed for your well-being. I am still physically located in Philippines directing my on-site cross-cultural holistic ministry and constructing a website for my confidential services.

Aside from my spiritual and pastoral counseling specialties, I have experience with business management; website management; leadership seminar teaching; university instructorship; English language writing, tutoring, and publishing; paralegal work; coaching for success and happiness; consulting for church, pastoral, and small business success; humanitarian aid applied in the Third World; positive inner healing for the disabled and physically handicapped.

My philosophy is holistically satisfying and effective. Humans are imperfect individuals of five-fold aspect: physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual. Therefore optimal happiness and success in life must make use of worthwhile applications in all five aspects of our nature, combined with faith, understanding, grace, focus, perseverance, and thankfulness. I have, with discernment, lived through hard lessons of the importance of all five aspects of our nature being healthy; health that embodies our total well-being in an imperfect and stressful world. This is why I love and enjoy counseling and coaching people for happiness and varied success!  Health, happiness, satisfaction, and success are possible if all five human aspects are addressed and cultivated effectively.  

Please note that my website reference I gave you here is for my existing ministry/teaching site. My counseling services site, www.aservantfriendforyou.com, is under construction. 

Thank you for listening. Your communications are welcome. If I may be of helpful counsel to you for your happiness and success, please contact me. Let us together resolve your troubles and hurts and disappointments. Online contact is the best method.  Shalom!

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