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About Veronica Monet

Veronica Monet, ACS, CAM: Relationship Coach and Sexologist

Imagine looking forward to speaking with your partner about the problems and obstacles in your relationship with joy. Imagine feeling confident that the two of you will not only create solutions which satisfy both of you but that each of you will feel closer and safer and more in love than ever before.

It is possible to transform life's inevitable difficulties into opportunities for connecting and understanding one another in a manner which evokes your empathy and arouses your romantic passions.

I live this path daily and I have done so for years. It really works and I can show you how to make it a reality in your relationships.

Conflict and Confusion in our relationships can create more Emotional Pain and Despair than any other factor in life. But this same source of sadness and frustration can be transformed into a rich resource for love, connection, safety, support, understanding, empathy, romance and spiritual fulfillment.

Welcome to The Shame Free Zone! You may have seen me on CNN, A&E, WE, FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS or The Playboy Channel. Or perhaps you have read my book, Sex Secrets of Escorts which has sold over 15,000 copies! I have been profiled in the pages of many mainstream magazines and newspapers including Allure, Complete Woman and The New York Times.

As an Empathy Expert and ConflicResolution Specialist, I combine my gift for deep empathy with over 14 years of “hands-on” experience as a courtesan as well as many years of formal education. As a Certified Sexologist (ACS), Certified Sex Educator (SFSI), Certified Anger Management Specialist (CAM), Trained Volunteer for the Center Against Rape and Domestic Violence (CARDV) and an Ordained Minister (ULC), I help couples to connect with compassion and create vibrant, heart-centered, long-term relationships. I coach men, women and couples over the telephone and in-person at my northern California office.

I offer an holistic and unique approach to relationship difficulties, combining Sexology with Anger Management techniques in my Couples Clinics and Role Playing Sessions. I love creating that "Aha!" moment for my clients and seeing the sparkle in their eyes return. More than anything, I am here to help you enjoy the love and intimacy you have always dreamed of.

Please be sure to visit my website for your free gift and much more including free podcasts and videos: www.TheShameFreeZone.com


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