Years in Practice

1-3 years


Frisco TX 75034 - United States



Additional Expertise

Confidence Coach, Life Coach, Mentor, Money Coach, Spiritual Coach

I Practice in

All areas, please inquire



I Believe

You have to be willing to fall down, get up, look stupid, cry, laugh, make a mess, clean it up and not stop until you get there. No matter what. - Jen Sincero

About Theresa Nguyen

Hi, I'm Theresa - mindset and success coach  for introverted, ambitious female entrepreneurs who know that they have a warrior goddess in them that needs to be unleashed! 

I will help you to change the energy of your negative thoughts into inspiration, amplify your strengths and use it as rocket fuel to overcome adversity to launch your business to the next level. These super powers will create your magnetic brand which will in turn, attract your dream prospects.

Success is your birthright and destiny. To claim what’s rightfully yours, you must first BREAK UP WITH YOUR FEAR.

Decide that you will no longer stand there watching from the sidelines and wait for the "right time" to jump in.

My brave friend, IT IS TIME TO RISE UP.

You’ve got DREAMS

You do not have to keep waiting to get the things that you want in your life.

Don't be the person who settles and says "be grateful for what you have" on repeat. If you find yourself just going through the motions, playing it safe and living a life that is not even close to the one you truly desire, then TODAY, THAT CHANGES.

You know in your heart, the answers are there, even though it doesn't quite make sense yet. Anything is possible and all of your desires can become your reality, but it starts with knowing and admitting what you want.

You Can Do This!

I am here to support you and help you focus on the life you truly want for yourself. Know that it's on it's way. BREAK UP with the old stories of insecurity and shift it into glory and greatness. Do you want to stay SCARED or do you want to be insanely SUCCESSFUL? Let's do this!

Theresa Nguyen Success Stories

Without her I would not have been brave enough


I reached out to Theresa because I felt stuck in many aspects of my life and my business. After having my children I had a lot of anxiety about my professional life. So many questions about what I was going to do when my kids were old enough to be in school, have I been out of the “game” too long. Theresa helped me gain back my confidence by helping me identify and focus on my skills. I now have a fearless and bigger vision for my business, and more importantly a plan on how I will make it successful. Theresa has so much passion to help other succeed. She has made this experience very uplifting and life changing. Without her I would not have been brave enough to take the next steps my life needs for prosperity. - Amy M

I have created a business I am passionate about


Working with Theresa over the past year to develop and grow my business has been an excellent experience. Theresa is knowledgeable, extremely dedicated to her work and is passionate about helping others succeed. The mindset Theresa helped me develop to drive my business from the ground up has been positive, goal orientated with focused tasks so you can see growth from day one. Her hands on guidance and experience has allowed me to successfully grow my business and start to gain the additional income I need. The overall experience has been life changing, not do I feel better but I have created a business I am passionate about and enjoy doing daily. - Tiffany S

I feel I can do anything


Theresa has opened up a world of opportunities for me to be the best version of myself. Prior to partnering up with Theresa, I knew nothing about starting a business. Theresa has provided me with ample learning materials about the business and personal development. She is always optimistic and encouraging and she believes in me so strongly that I feel I can do anything. She is an entrepreneur at heart! - Loan N

She can motivate you to accomplish anything


Theresa met me with open arms the day I signed up. She is one of those people who can motivate you to accomplish anything you want as long as you refuse to strive for nothing less than the best. She pushes me past my comfort zone. She gives me the real version of what I need to know and makes me dig deep inside to the spaces I didn't know existed inside myself to now just reach my goals but surpass them. She inspires me every single time we have a conversation. She makes me want to do better, be better and live better. - Dana G

I have doubled my commission income


In my short time with Theresa, I have doubled my commission income, I have rid myself of toxic people, I have learned how to say 'NO" and feel good about it. I have learned how to brand myself as well as my goals. I have learned ins and outs of social media. My money is flowing and my life is being cleaned up. She gets to the heart of the matter as well as to the heart of yourself. She knows how to pull your strengths and teaches you how to use those to your benefit. She is your biggest cheerleader, strongest supporter and can see through the humor and bullshit. If you are needing a life change, a point in the right direction, a soul who connects with your soul, you found it. Now just do it, sign up and then feel free to tell me I was right! - Amiee R

I am a magnet for success

I just cannot believe the level of excitement I am feeling for myself and my business. She laid it out to me straight and pulled information out of me that I did not even know was in there! It was like a therapy session but for my business! So I go into today with a whole new outlook and a whole new game plan about how I am going to better myself as an entrepreneur. I AM A MAGNET FOR SUCCESS, Y'ALL! And you are too, just ask Theresa. - Danielle H

Theresa is one of a kind


There are many qualities that one may think of when they hear to word leader, Theresa possesses those qualities and many more. She is a mentor and a friend - even though I have never meet her in person, she is the one that I count on most and go to when I need answers, motivation, or just someone to talk to. Not only does Theresa put in extra effort to ensure that you succeed, she brings a smile to your day. When I see Theresa's name pop up on my phone or Facebook, my day gets a little brighter. Whether that notification is a post about her beautiful family, love for fine wine, or letting you know what a badass you are, Theresa has an impact on your day. Theresa is one of a kind, and if you don't have a mentor like her in your life, you are missing out. - Shai R

I absolutely love Theresa


I absolutely love Theresa! I was feeling stuck in my business and she helped me uncover some things that I really need to work on. She was so positive yet honest and direct. She said what needed to be said but in an encouraging way. She had great tips for some things I could start doing ASAP for my mindset and in turn my business. - Colleen S.



Theresa, you're simply amazing!


I worked with Theresa to be able to better figure out how to manage/maximize my time while working two businesses. She is so easy to talk with, very professional and really, really listens - all while providing the highest level of constructive criticism ever. By the end of our first coaching call, I am already putting into action my follow up list and dreaming up ways for my team to hire her for future coaching calls! Theresa, you're simply amazing! THANK YOU! - Betsy F.

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