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Grieving: A Catalyst For Spiritual Awakening

Grieving: A Catalyst For Spiritual Awakening

The grieving process can be a powerful catalyst for our spiritual awakening. When we experience loss, such as the death of a loved one, we long for the connection we once had. We long for what was that isn’t anymore. In our longing, we are invited to surrender and let go of control of how we think life should have turned out. We are invited into a deeper relationship with the Divine as we let go and trust the great mystery of life.

Over the past ten years, I have desired to have a baby but have experienced one early miscarriage after another, with no medical explanation. Each month I become pregnant, I get excited and think, maybe this time! Then, my period comes and I experience grief and despair only to ride the cycle again the following month.

The more I allow myself to express my grief and anger, ALL of my feelings, the more energy I have. My vital life force is allowed to flow and move…to create new life. Thus, my journey through infertility and grief has opened me to new possibilities for living a fertile life. Not only have I birthed a greater version of myself…a stronger, more compassionate and loving person, but I have also created new meaning and purpose for my existence.

As we embrace rather than resist our painful life experiences, and befriend the grieving process, we open ourselves up to receiving the rich gifts the Universe is waiting to bestow upon us.

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This article was originally published at Live A Purposeful Life. Reprinted with permission from the author.