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About Pegi Burdick

Pegi Burdick is a certified financial coach specializing in helping women and men turn around their stress and shame about money. 

My site The Financial Whisperer®, is an international coaching practice helping people not only untangle their emotions from their money but get back control in their lives.


I am the only financial coach who never talks about money. My book It’s NEVER About The Money…even when it is, available on AMAZON.

My articles have appeared in The Huffington Post, FORBES Women, The Daily Worth, Your Tango, MSN Living, and US News.

Going from being a film major at NYU to attending cooking school and building a restaurant in NYC, to later in life becoming a mortgage broker in Los Angeles, has given me keen insights into people’s mismanagement of their money.

I get people to look under their rug and once and for all, call it like it is. How someone manages their emotions determines how they manage their money.
I am an expert in this sub-category of finances from my own journey out of money hell.

A financial crisis forced me out of denial to confront my monsters. I did not go into therapy, I bootstrapped myself by reading books that gave me permission to
finally hear my own voice.

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