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About Julianne Cantarella

Hello, I am Julianne Cantarella, Dating Coach and Matchmaker. I specialize in helping singles over 40 navigate the modern dating world. My entire professional life has been dedicated to helping people:

Helping people recognize that there is hope
Helping people create change
Helping people attract LOVE

I began my professional journey as a Social Worker, MSW therapist positively impacting people’s lives through coaching and counseling for over 10 years. The experience of working with people through the most challenging events in their lives, has taught me how to gently and purposefully move people towards change, allowing them to realize their life goals. As I moved through my career as a therapist, I came upon a unique opportunity where I could utilize my education, work experience and continue helping others; Date Coaching and Matchmaking.

In 2005 I began working for a Professional Matchmaking Company in Manhattan. This career transition allowed me to incorporate the people skills and networking experiences I learned as a Social Worker, while helping people move towards their heart’s desire. I gained great pleasure and satisfaction coaching singles into successful relationships or matching them with their life partners. With this new passion ignited within me, I knew I had found my life’s work.

As I continued to grow in my new found profession, I began to recognize that singles over 40 were under served in the dating world. I went to work honing my skills and focusing on this unique population. My experience as a professional listener has allowed me to notice recurring pattern in many of my clients’ dating histories. I am able to offer them my observations and insights; helping them to find happier, healthier, and more fulfilling relationships. By researching and working exclusively with singles over 40, I have become well- versed in the “Art of Courtship” and Matchmaking.

My passion and dedication to the unique dating needs of singles over 40 led me to create my own Date Coaching & Matchmaking company entitled “The Courtship Coach”. The formation of “The Courtship Coach” was born from my desire to assist singles over 40 find someone wonderful to love. I am confident that my expertise and personalized approach will allow you to create the relationship you desire and deserve.

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