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About Thea Harvey

Hi, I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist, wife, and mother who specializes in couples counseling. With my husband, Duane Harvey, I co-founded Harvey Center for Relationships with the mission to help couples thrive. I'm a certified Imago Relationship therapist. My work is informed by my years as a meditation and yoga teacher.

After studying at Harvard University and graduating from Wellesley College, I moved to Los Angeles to fulfill my childhood dream to live by the beach. Disillusioned by my work as a political consultant I quit my job, traveled the world, and discovered a love for yoga. This affinity led me to become a yoga and meditation teacher and strengthened my desire to serve others. To further my skills and knowledge, I graduated from Antioch University with a Master’s in Clinical Psychology. It wasn't until I met my husband that I experienced the transformational alchemy of couples counseling. This profound shift led me to train with couples experts John and Julie Gottman, Esther Perel, Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt, Stan Tatkin and Ellyn Bader.

My sessions are centered around a dialogical structure that enables couples to communicate more effectively and compassionately. Based on my experience as a Kundalini and Hatha yoga teacher, I also incorporate music, meditation, and yoga to provide useful tools to manage relational stress and reactivity. With my husband, Duane, who is also a marriage and family therapist and certified Imago therapist, we created the Tantric Couples Conversation workshop that invites couples to expand their sense of pleasure, sex, and intimacy. Duane and I not only want couples to experience safety in their relationships but also heightened states of ecstasy.

Together we blogged about relationships for the Huffington Post and were repeated guests on the I Do Podcast. We formed Harvey Center for Relationships, a family practice, that includes my step-son, Brendan Harvey, and my sister-in-law, Tracey Harvey, both certified Imago therapists, and sister-in-law, Johnnine Wahl, RN, hypnotherapist.

I believe that change is possible even for the most despairing couples. The relationship and communication skills I teach my clients I use in my own marriage and as a previous board member for Imago Relationship International and past co-president of the Parent Council at my daughter’s school. These practices form a cornerstone in my personal and professional connections. When I'm not working, I find infinite joy dancing.

To learn more about me and how I work email me here! I'd love to connect. 

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