3 Ways To Keep Your Love Alive When He's Watching The Big Game

Are you ready for some football? More importantly -- is your relationship?

couple with football

For sports fans, football season is an exciting time of year. As we gear up for the final thrilling big college and NFL games of the season, it's important to ask yourself, though you are ready for some football, is your relationship? It takes a certain type of finesse to learn how to sustain relationships when you're feeling OBSESSED with the pigskin. But spending too much time passionate about the gridiron and too little time passionate with your significant other can result in a quick three and out.


Football Watching in America
The empty malls on Sundays tell us that Americans are watching football ... and lots of it. According to a 2011 survey by Adweek, 64 percent of US adults watch the NFL. And it's not just limited to men: 55% of the women surveyed say they watch it, too.

When a couple is equally invested in football, trouble doesn't seem to arise. But when one party is all about watching their team gain yards and the other wants them to do yard work, things can get tricky and fights can start. But, luckily, learning how to save your relationship isn't impossible during football season. Just be proactive and consider doing the following three things:

  1. Be Willing to Punt: When how to save the relationship is a key question, compromise is often the answer. This is, perhaps, no truer than during football season. If, for instance, you want nothing more than to sit on the couch from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Saturday watching the SEC network and your significant other wants nothing more than to go visit their parents, that's a potential fight headed your way—the SEC may end up costing you SEX. But, a willingness to punt can help make amends.

    Thus, communicate with your partner on ways to come up with a fair compromise. You may opt to watch football for only half the day and go visit the in-laws for the other half. Or maybe you will agree to watching football on this Saturday, but doing what your significant other wants next Saturday. Being willing to change your game plan in order to appease your significant other is an integral part of a successful union.

  1. Get a Referee: In the event there is a football game you absolutely don't want to miss—perhaps it's the playoffs or your two favorite teams are playing each other—one way to learn how to save your relationship is to ask for a little help. In other words, get a referee.

    For example, if your wife feels annoyed that you will be out of commission on Sunday from 2-6 p.m., consider scheduling her a spa date. If your husband feels irked that you just have to watch Jacksonville (yes, Jacksonville) on Sunday night, consider asking his brother to take him out for wings and beer. Getting a referee, or any person or thing that helps assure everything runs smoothly, is one of the best ways for both you and your spouse to feel satisfied.

  1. Pass Along the Enthusiasm: Some people are adamantly against football, practically protesting with signs that read "Go to Hell, NFL." But, most people are willing to give it a chance as long as there is something exciting in it for them.

    If your significant other isn't a huge fan of football, help them become one. You may try teaching them the rules, explaining the reasons for your enthusiasm and showing them clips of classic games. You may also try enlisting them to play Fantasy Football, especially when it's for money. It's amazing how having money on something—even if it's just five dollars—can almost turn the apathetic into the guy who used to attend blizzard-filled Denver Bronco games wearing nothing but a barrel.

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