3 Steps To Begin Fixing Your Relationship

Saving your relationship means saying goodbye to your ego.

loving couple

Relationships, as anyone who has ever been in one knows, can be quite hard. No matter how solid they are, they still try our patience, compromise our ideals and leave us frustrated. Sometimes this happens more than we'd like. But that's, of course, the "glass half empty" version. The good news is that relationships can also leave us happy — sometimes, incredibly so.

It's because of this that knowing how to save your relationship can mean the difference between being content and being broken hearted. If your union is in trouble, learning how to save your relationship can set things in motion and make it possible to be as blissful as you once were.  Knowing how to save your relationship can also help you, in some ways, save yourself.


The Divorce Rate in America: Why it is so high?
Essentially one out of two couples actually last till death do them part. This means the odds that any given couple will go the long haul are even at a dismal 50/50. Yet, this isn't because Americans have a particular penchant for alimony or love weekly trips to the courthouse. Instead, it's a combination of causes. Sometimes it's the result of marrying too early (or too young). Other times it's the result of marrying for the wrong reasons.

A major factor in the high divorce rate is simply giving up too soon. In fact, one of the biggest reasons people get divorced is because they don't work hard enough at trying to make things last. Their marriage or partnership gets difficult so they throw in the "his" and "hers" towels.


So, if you refuse to simply be a statistic, it's time to learn how to save your relationship once and for all. Tell the whales to move over, it's time to save the love.

How to Save Your Relationship
The ability to save your relationship isn't a skill you're innately born with, like the ability to sing or memorize license plates. Rather, it's a skill you must teach yourself. It begins by being open to these three key steps:

(1) Seeking Professional Help: The problem with relationship problems is that they're very much a "he said/she said" dichotomy. People see things from their point of view and aren't necessarily open to seeing other points of view. This is why part of learning how to save your relationship also means learning to ask for help. Not help from your mom or your best friend, but help from a professional who can be entirely objective.

(2) Putting Your Ego Aside: Even the most understanding and compassionate people in the world still have an ego. If you believe anything that Freud said, it's an innate part of our existence. An ego may be essential, and often helpful, but it can also be a bit of an Achilles' heel. This is especially true in the form of stubbornness. Your inability to admit that you're wrong or see things from your partner's perspective is a huge detriment to solving your marital problems.


(3) Not Blaming it on the Rain: It's unlikely that you have blamed all your relationship problems on the rain, unless you happen to be a huge Milli Vanilli fan. Rather, blaming it on the rain is a metaphor for blaming it on anything other than your actions. It's highly unlikely that everything that went wrong is your fault, but it's equally unlikely that you're entirely innocent. Instead, knowing how to save your relationship involves knowing that you have played a role in its demise.

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