Bitch Vs Psycho

There are bitches and there are psychos. Bitches are loved, respected and get what they want. Psychos are scary, must be avoided and unpredictable.
Embrace your inner bitch and you will be amazed with the results. You will see that life becomes richer and more rewarding once you stop labelling yourself and others as bitches and good girls. They are just labels to bring a person down, anybody, including yourself.
Maybe instead we should allow ourselves to embrace our emotions and listen to what they say?
So if you feel hurt and snap back because your boss criticized you, maybe you should work out why you were hurt. Was it because your expectations on how your idea would be received by your boss were too high? Or was it because you did not present your idea correctly and your boss misunderstood it entirely and hurt you? Next time, in order to avoid being hurt, should you change your attitude, the way you present your ideas or your boss? Work it out.
Allow yourself to feel as opposed to labelling yourself as a bitch who snapped at your boss. Because if you label yourself as a bitch, you will feel terrible your whole life, because how can a bitch be happy? But if you allow yourself to discover what it was that made you react this way, you will be enriched and empowered by the experience.
It is even scary to think that a woman will not use her ruthless bitch when she has to protect herself or her children from emotional or physical abuse. While it would be psycho episode to be abused by husband and re-direct your anger at children.
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