4 Ways Spiritual Empaths Can Protect Their Emotions From The World

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How Spiritual Empaths Can Protect Their Energy & Emotions

In the midst of a tragedy, how can a spiritual empath cope with the overwhelming negative energy?

We are in some troubled times. Well, not necessarily troubled. Let’s call it a time of growing pains.

We’re practically in the dawning of the Age of Aquarius when the rise of the divine feminine and masculine join forces, when we lead a more soul-centered lifestyle and our choices and decisions come more from our hearts than our head.

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During this transition, we’re seeing more and more gender identities come about, more corporations offering telecommuting opportunities for their employees, and more functional medicine doctors take up space.  

We’re becoming more of a holistic society with an understanding of empath traits and what being an empathic human is really about. This causes a lot of disruption in the old school, rigid thought process, and generates very fixed minds with emotional deregulation and instability.

And, therefore, more mass tragedies.

Unfortunately, this is par for the course as evolution and growth happens — as we know, there have to be breakdowns before breakthroughs. And, it is a process.

As this happens, more and more people are coming online to their spirituality and seeing themselves in a higher consciousness full of connection to others around them. And for those who have already logged in to the Universe, they too have evolved into a new level of experience as empaths. 

Whether you’re a seasoned or newbie spiritual empath who is tapped into spiritual energy frequencies, it’s a tough job these days. These growing pains create a lot of fatigue, fear, stress, depression, anxiety, and frustration.

It’s a challenge to be there to empathize and support others when you, yourself, are in need of an energetic infusion.

So how does a spiritual empath reserve their energy to help themselves and others? You can maintain your own sense of self while being emotionally available to support others.

Here are 4 ways a spiritual empath can keep calm during a mass tragedy.

1. Shield up

Imagine, picture, think, or feel as if you are encapsulated within an invisible field that you create. We’ll call this a "boundary."

Being an empath within this field, you have all of the freedom to move about and operate in your own standard fashion. The walls of this field act like a bouncer at a club, only allowing certain entrances. 

Those who are not allowed to enter are negative thoughts or draining people or situations. Those that are allowed in are positive thoughts and experiences that bring vibrancy and lightheartedness into your life.  

If you’re experiencing an emotion that doesn’t feel good, the boundaries of your shield are too flimsy and need reinforcement.

It’s important to ask yourself if the emotion is yours or someone else’s. If they are not yours, kick them out of the club. If they are, it’s time to do some inner reflection and healing to keep those boundaries strong, steady, and firm.

2. Limit media consumption

Being a spiritual empath also means being a truth seeker. The media these days isn’t always broadcast with integrity and truth. Listening, hearing, and considering information which may not even be true will only hurt and deepen the emotional pain you could be taking on someone else’s behalf. 

As a sensitive human being who has so much compassion (oftentimes too much), it’s very easy to get duped and fall into a trap of deception and lies because our heartstrings are being tugged and we feel bad for someone else.  

The media is biased towards empathies in certain directions — they are also geared and directed towards sensationalism. 

Coming across information that may not be true can trigger you into a spiral of emotions that aren’t even needed, therefore using up your reserved energy and depleting it when you’re putting your focus on something that isn’t even true or real. 

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3. Stay in your own lane 

It’s so easy to look at other people and see what’s missing from your life. Comparing yourself to other people or trying to keep up with the latest fads is exhausting. You are siphoning out your energy by time-traveling either to the past (depression) or the future (anxiety).  This is run by ego and not the soul.  

When you’re witnessing what you don’t have, you give your inner critic lots of fuel to start driving circles all-around your mind and it becomes the stronger voice in you.  

You don’t have the time, money, or energy to be concerned with others who have things you want but don’t have, or who are more successful than you are. What is the compass of that anyway?  

We all have different definitions of success, happiness, joy, and safety anyway, which is why life is unique to each of us in our individuality. Embracing our uniqueness and cherishing our differences instead of comparing and poking at them is the new spiritual paradigm.

Each of us has a gift to offer this world and looking outside of yourself doesn’t allow you to tap into it for others to receive. The best people, things, and situations thrive on the soul, not ego.

4. Pray for the enlightenment and safety of all beings 

Your spiritual awareness and mission are needed to be used at a higher frequency. Every time you meditate, chant, or do deep breathing, you are manipulating your vibrational frequencies. That is what will cause change.

Prayer is just that: a vibration that has its own personal frequency.  

Praying for or meditating on behalf of the highest good and best for others comes easy to us spiritual empaths. It’s a direct phone line straight to the Universe with no busy signal, pause button, or call waiting. 

Praying and meditating for the enlightenment of those who need it, helps assuage future acts of violence towards themselves or others.

Praying and meditating for the protection and safety of all souls helps every human to feel and be safe in the present. This also activates the quantum field to produce a future reality by closing the gap between the vibrational frequencies of the present to the future.

And here’s the best part of all of this: it's free!

There’s no financial investment in implementing these tips. However, the cost of not doing them can actually cause physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual damage to ourselves and the human race.  

When tragic events hit, the collective energy unites in higher vibrational frequencies of sympathy and empathy and can be so painful to feel — for all people, not just spiritual empaths. 

Once the effect wears off and we feel it more personally than collectively, it can be more challenging to be mindful and aware of when we’re not healthily empathizing on behalf of others.

When no mass tragedy is in play (which, thankfully, is most of the time), let’s not forget these tips are also super helpful to maintain a healthy human lifestyle. You’ll also be more pleasant to be around.

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