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Life Coach, Personal Development Coach, Speaker/Presenter, Spiritual Healer

About Teri Van Horn

Teri Van Horn is dedicated to healing the body, mind and spirit through holistic and spiritual means. 

She provides Reiki treatments, crystal healing and intuitive readings to heal the physical body, in addition to providing Life Coaching, with a spiritual focus to assist you in creating the life you desire.  Her goal is to assist others in reaching their highest potential.

Teri has been a student of Spirituality for over 30 years, studying ancient religions, world religion and New Age principals.  She has attended sessions with Linda Howe, Carmen Butler, Betty Eadie, Doreen Virtue, Wayne Dyer, Alberto Villoldo, Steve Jones, and others, although she states that Edgar Cayce was her earliest and most influential 'teacher'.  Teri has benefited by studying with world renowned healers, in addition to being a 5th generation Karuna and Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master.

She has become a powerful intuitive healer and excels in working with Distant, Shamanic, and Crystal Healing, as well as Psychic Protection and Clearing. Teri's healing specialties include transformational clearing and healing; opening, clearing and working with the Chakras and aura; and psychic protection, in addition to healing physical ailments and diseases.
Being the co-creator of Lemurian Crystal healing, Teri has been able to channel the powerful Lemurian energies - said to be 100 times stronger than Reiki.  Through these sessions, she's able to help clear many physical, emotional and spiritual issues that have been holding you back from your greatest and highest potential in this life.

Teri's transformational healing sessions provide just the shift that you've been looking for, helping you speed-up your own ascension process and to clear hurdles developed from past life and karmic issues.  These are truly life-changing sessions!
Teri also has a very special connection with animals and has been treating them with Reiki for many years.  Specializing in horses and companion animals, she has been able to make dramatic changes in them physically and emotionally.  There are no bad animals… only those who have experienced traumatic events and Teri has been able to heal many problems with pets thru the use of Distant Healing.  Additionally, she works in conjunction with veterinarians to help speed the recovery of animals who are sick or injured.

Teri has an extensive knowledge-base of energy healing for the body, mind and spirit.  She is a sought-after lecturer regarding energy healing, as well as crystals and how they work for us and holds seminars teaching others how to use and work with Divine energies. 

She is the author of six books, 365 Days of Blessings, Manifesting the Life You Desire, Harness the Power of the Light, Chakras, The Magic of Crystals, and her newest, The Mystery of Crystals.  All of these are available on Amazon and Kindle.

Teri is the host of the very popular internet radio program, Healing Light, where she discusses different aspects of energy healing and New Age thought with a variety of entertaining guests.  You can check her website for upcoming guests and links to the show and its archives.

We are all energy beings... therefore our thoughts and feelings (conscious and subconscious) are constantly influencing our physical realities. Teri explains, "I help people discover what is most needed in this moment now, in order to fully envision how the best possible reality looks and feels. I bring many years of training and experience in spirituality and business, together with natural intuition to provide people with the necessary inspiration, direction, and support to create their best possible lives."

Teri and her husband, William, live on a small ranch in Texas with their nine horses, five dogs, cat and an outspoken doves.  She spends her free time working with the animals and her herb garden. 
Teri provides healing sessions both in person and through distant healing, in addition to intuitive readings.  She teaches workshops on Reiki, working with crystals, energy healing, psychic protection and manifesting.

You can reach Teri through her website at

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