4 Signs To Detect A Bully In Your Relationship And How To End It

When you're in love, you over-compromise for your relationship, but being bullied is never okay.


Most individuals do not realize they are living in the “Bully” prison or they tend to accept it.  Fear of change prevents them from “Breaking Out”.

When starting new relationships, many are blinded by the love, compassion and praise they receive from their partner.  Life is full of excitement, adventures and equal beliefs of what a relationship is all about.

You both begin to feel comfortable with the relationship and move into permanent habits, in your mind, life could not be any better.  This can and will last for a period of time before the bully feels as if he/she has captured you into his/her life forever.


Slowly you begin to see changes in your partner. Here are four signs of bullying:

  1. His/her personality changes
  2. Their behavior toward you become an on and off switch, leaving you in a turmoil of feelings and questions.
  3. You walk on eggshells in fear of igniting the flame of emotional or physical bullying and when that happens you are made to believe; it’s your fault.
  4. They will have you withdraw from your family and friends, fearing their inability to control you with other influences in your life

Victims will continue to tell themselves, this is just a temporary behavior.  You will choose to ignore the fact there is a problem and continue to live this life out of habit, accepting whatever your partner says, how he/she reacts and demands as part of life.  You are their prisoner.


Leaving this type of relationship is never easy.

  • You have to learn how to accept yourself as a human being
  • Focus on what you really want your life to be and how you want to live it
  • Challenge yourself to make the changes
  • Believe in your heart, mind and soul
  • Stay strong, worthy and brave throughout the process

Starting over can be very difficult, learning the true values of life will help empower you to let go of the negative you have been living and move into a positive relationship with yourself.

Teresa Wright is an Anti-Bully Coach, Public Speaker, the Author of “The Power Within Me”, ” No Fear, No Shame” and Co-Author of “Behind the Mask”. 

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