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007 Sexy Qualities Every Relationship Needs

7 Love Lessons From James Bond In Skyfall

What makes James Bond so successful? And how does he capture romance so effortlessly?

Skyfall earned 87.8 million dollars in its opening weekend. That is quite a haul for any movie release. So, how has Bond captured our hearts for 50 years? Certainly, Bond's romantic style contributes to his success. So, let's see what we can learn from 007 and set our sights on spicing up your relationship!

Here are seven tools for romance, Skyfall style:

1. Strength and vulnerability, at the same time. Daniel Craig, who plays James Bond, shares both his vulnerability and his strength. He cheats death at every turn. He feels deeply, and his passion motivates his enduring strength. He risks his life for a beloved person. What would happen in your relationship if you both shared your vulnerabilities with each other and held onto your strength at the same time?

2. Kindness and confidence. Bond is sensitive with people he meets. He looks at them eye to eye. There is no fear in his gaze, only confidence. He doesn't shy away from those who seem to have more power. He owns his strength and integrity ... and so can we. Our biggest hindrance is our own lack of confidence. What would happen if you were confident in your sense of self? How would your relationships grow?

3. A yearning for connection. A yearning for connection is a basic need for every person on the planet is to belong to a group of people and have a sense of connection with them. Bond's family is no longer available. Still, he has a connection with M and others from the MI6 team in which he works.

We all need connection with others who are trustworthy, people to help us when we inevitably make mistakes. If you are a rugged individualist, you may be missing out on a deeper, mutually-satisfying relationship.

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