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About Teresa Atkin

Are you dealing with the depair, overwhelm, grief, and anger that often accompany the break-up of a relationship, or major life transition?  Perhaps you have become used to numbing out pain in relationships and life! Or are you wanting to get in to a new relationship without creating the challenges of past relationships? Are you ready for that breakthrough to the life you would love to have? Do you have relationship questions you want answered? Then contact me here.

These are some of the challenges we all face at some time or another. So why might you talk with me? 

First, I am a Master Certified Life Coach, and I have been coaching individuals, couples and groups for 16 years. In addition, I taught new coaches between 2002 and 2008. My career background is varied: corporate engineering management, owning my own training and consulting business, childbirth education and volunteer work for a suicide helpline. All of these experiences have allowed me to feel comfortable deeply connecting with others, especially those who are seeking support. I have taught in teleconference rooms, and use Skype, and am looking to expand my services into webinar format. You can look at the classes I offer here.

I am a voracious learner, and consider it my responsibility to continue to grow as a person, and to learn about and research my favorite topics…supporting people to live their best lives and transcend the past, and couple relationships. It takes courage to be in an intimate relationship, and self-awareness to grow into the person and partner you can be. Archives of my 'Relationship Wisdom' newsletter can be found here.

My first contact with facilitating relationship loss classes was as a participant following the breakup of an 18-year marriage. In the early days, I focused on surviving, and helping my 4 children to deal with the loss. These days I am thriving, and passionate about helping others to move through grief, anger and loss to a happier future. I have supported many people to resolve and release issues from the past and move into a more peaceful, loving, abundant, and transformed future.

Again, you are invited to click here to contact me.

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