New Styles For Spring Down Under Men & Women Will Love

Spring styles for the Shelia's and mates.


Desolate Zebra Print Dress Photo Credit: Neverland Store


Spring hasn’t quite “sprung” yet, but warmer weather and brighter and lighter clothes are on the way. Now is your chance to get caught up with on what new clothing styles will be coming for this spring. What can you expect this spring in Aussie fashion for women and men? Casual separates that can be dressed up or dressed down, light colours and fabrics, and playful prints will reign supreme this coming spring.

Desolate by The Fifth Label


Desolate by The Fifth Label Photo Credit: Neverland Store

Desolate is a new clothing line that just recently introduced into our collection online at and in retail stores. The clothing line features bright camouflage prints that can be dressed up or dressed down. Add neutrals, such as a blazer or overcoat to contrast and add an interesting element to your look. Women can warm up their wardrobe this spring with this new line.

More Women’s Spring Fashion

Finders Keepers Maxi Skirt and Bandana Top Photo Credit: NeverlandStore

Finders Keepers Drop Crotch Exclusive Stripe Pants Photo Credit:

Finders Keepers Midnight Lover Shorts  Photo Credit:


Other trends in ladies wear this Spring include bold colours and fine prints. Many of the clothing styles we are seeing trend now are very versatile and can be used for different occasions. This allows you to mix and match and make your own style while also getting the most out of the new pieces you add to your wardrobe this season.

Dress Up vs. Dress Down

Poetry in Motion Jumpsuit Black Dress Down Look Photo Credit: Neverland Store

Poetry in Motion Jumpsuit Black Dress Up Look Photo Credit: Neverland Store

Same model, same black jumper, but totally different looks! Do you have pieces in your wardrobe that allow you versatility? Items like this jumpsuit allow you to have a dual look with just one versatile outfit. Great for transitioning between a casual day look into an upscale night outfit. Just changing the shoes and accessories gives you a whole new look, almost unrecognisable from each other. Versatile pieces are great for any season of the year, but are especially great for spring when the weather might also get cooler at night, adding a sweater or a blazer will achieve an even greater difference and new look at night.


Men’s Spring Fashions

Nena & Pasadena Scoop Back T-Shirt Photo Credit: NeverlandStore

KSCY Acid Wash Print T-Shirt Photo Credit: NeverlandStore

Caterpillar Zachary Boot Photo Credit:


Let’s not leave out the men. Fashion conscious men have it easy with the cool and laid back looks available this spring. T-Shirts have gone from plain to detailed with coloured sleeves to add some flair. Plain acid wash shirts now have designs available that allow men to show off their style too. Try out some new boots this spring with Caterpillar’s high fashion and long lasting Zachary boots. Great with jeans for a casual look or match with slacks or even a suit. Yet again, another nod to having a versatile wardrobe with dual purpose items to mix and match your own style.

Aussie Spring Style Summary

Versatility and mixing up pieces is the name of the game this spring. Your wardrobe can go further and you can easily change from casual to dressed up. The new colours are bright and bold and the new prints are bold or intricately detailed. As always, there is so much to choose from, you are bound to find something that goes along with your own tastes or branch out into something new.