The Latest Sexy Fashions From Down Under

Australian fashion trends making their way around the Globe.


Wondering what's in fashion in other parts of the world? Here is Australia, we are nearing the end of summer and getting ready for fall. Here's a preview of the hottest in sexy, casual fashion and what's new for the fall. This article will have a focus on casual looks for fall courtesy of Neverland Store Street Clothing.

Flight Pants for Men

Flight pants are taking a new look at skinny jeans and transforming them into a slightly more stylized look. The hip, rear, and front cargo pockets add design elements and convenience for carrying things. The ankles are held tight with elastic. In addition to black, blue jean, and stone metal black, colours for fall include khaki, Bordeaux, and apache green.


Flight Pants for Women

Flight pants are not just for men. Now we are seeing women's flight pants that hug the shape and come in a variety of colours that make them appropriate for wearing with sneakers or high heel pumps. They type of shoes, top, and accessories that you pair them with can really show off your own style and fit a variety of different occasions.

Sleeveless Hoodies

As the temps will start to cool off, these sleeves hoodies are becoming popular to stay warm without getting too hot. They will be great for layering in the winter. When the weather turns cold, they can be worn over a long sleeve shirt.


T-Shirt Dresses

Casual comfort is key with the latest trend of T-Shirt dresses. Dress it up or dress it down with your shoes and accessories. Add coloured shoes for a pop of brightness to contrast the white and grey colours in this dress.

Drop Crotch Pants

These drop crotch pants are stylish and comfortable because they are lightweight. The stylized tapered ankle is something we are seeing that is growing in popularity. The side pockets offer added convenience if you need to carry something.

Bathing Suits

Much like the saying "It’s always 5 o'clock somewhere", we say "It’s always beach time somewhere in Australia". Since our country is an island, there are popular beaches everywhere. The neoprene bathing suit is popular not only for stylistic purposes but also for sturdy wear during water sports, which are also very popular in Australia.