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My mission is the joy of being love and sharing love through Meditation, Tantra, Holistic Health, Writing, Coaching and celebration of life on all levels.

One of my favourite quotes from my spiritual and Tantra master, the Indian mystic, Osho:

"A New Man is striving to be born,
a new consciousness is knocking on the doors.
And the future is going to be that of Tantra,
because now no more dual attitudes
can hold man's mind.” Osho

About Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita

Sarita is a world renowned Tantra master and mystic offering courses and retreats across the globe. Having received a direct transmission from the Indian mystic, Osho, she is true to the spiritual essence of Tantra and leads us on the path to self realisation. At the same time she takes care to help us transcend the psychological blockages that we carry as a result of our cultural background and past experiences. She is also a master healer, author and consultant.

Sarita co-founded the School of Awakening in the UK teaching Tantra and powerful holistic healing techniques. Now she offers a tantric transmission in workshops and retreats promoted by individuals and organisations around the world. Her Vigyan Bhairav Tantra Online Meditation Course offers video classes and regular live meditations and guidance.

Sarita is passionate about writing - her books "Divine Sexuality" and "Tantric Love" are inspiring companions to those who would like to learn about and practice Tantra methods as an individual or as a couple. Divine Sexuality was written in response to the many questions Sarita has received over the years regarding all aspects of sexuality, love and relationship. She realised that there is gap in sexual education even for adults, and that the wisdom gleaned from her years of experience in the field of Tantra would be of benefit to adults of all ages.

Her articles and interviews have been featured in magazines such as Kindred Spirit, Paradigm Shift, Tree of Life and Vivid Life Radio. She has also created a number of CDs with music, narration and written instruction to accompany some of the powerful Tantric meditations she facilitates in her workshops.

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Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita Success Stories

Vigyan Bhairav Tantra Club - Eryk

Men seeking spiritual guidance

 I have signed up for VBT Club few months ago. It is an amazing Tantra online course, where Sarita is presenting tantric meditation techniques which are covering 12 facets of human beings. I found it very useful to practice those sutras in daily life , those are simply tranformative. I am very happy that this beautiful course is now available online in very user friendly way and can be accessed by anyone in anyplace around the world.Thank you Sarita and your Technical Team for VBT online Club , I am grateful and happy to be in this club.more

Eryk, Poland - subscriber to Sarita's Vigyan Bhairav Tantra Meditation Online Course

Online Tantra Meditation Course - Sharmila

Women seeking spiritual guidance

Being part of the online community with Sarita is fantastic. It is exciting and wonderful to hear and share everyone’s experiences and questions. It is beautiful to share in each other’s growth and understanding, love and expansion as the course develops and as we do, thank you for the opportunity!more

Sharmila, Lancashire

Divyam And The Love Bomb Training


What I loved about this training from the very beginning was the direct experience of Tantra, embracing what is. And the incredible transformation that comes when I enter into the moment, into myself, into my love and my sexual energy, just as it is. Each level of the training has been a beautiful and heartful space in which I have entered more and more deeply into myself and into my beloved. From this starting point, an incredible journey has unfolded. Hand in hand with my beloved we have found ourselves dancing down such a juicy path, leaving the old familiar ways and entering the new together, like two snakes shedding our old skins and becoming naked to the unknown.more

I have felt incredibly loved and supported on this journey by Sarita, encouraged to trust the unfolding of this mystery and also to embrace all the aspects that are there, the light and the dark. I am so grateful for the opportunity to grow in love surrounded by such loving friends. This training is a love bomb!

Divyam, after participating in Soul Mate Training for Couples, level 6

Tantra for Lovers - Rachael


A participant on Sarita's 7 level Soul Mate Training for couplesmore

The meditations have opened me to experience my deepest longings, to know my roots as woman and find deep connection to earth, mother earth. I feel that deep connection in lovemaking in ways I have never experienced before, becoming earth, and opening, surrendering to the universe. This experience has opened me to experience my partner in ways I have never known before, experiencing the energy of man and woman in truth. We have a wonderful deep connection of love I didn’t know possible, only a dream before.

Rachael, level 6

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Sacred Sexuality Workshop for Singles - Michael

Single men

This was an absolutely wonderful course and I have had massive breakthroughs and shifts on it with regard to my sexual self-expression, playfulness, relating to others, joy, laughter and FUN! I have done many years of personal development courses but all of them melt away to nothing in comparison to this! This course reaches those parts that other courses do not reach – in fact they’re not even on the starting block! The course is challenging and confronting but immense fun! I thank Sarita and Suta from the bottom of my heart for their immense knowledge, wisdom, compassion, enthusiasm and playfulness. Thank you!more

Michael, Sacred Sexuality workshop for singles

Vigyan Bhairav Tantra Online Meditation Class - Shantidas

Men seeking spiritual guidance

What a great opportunity this is! The web is such a great medium and this is the perfect way to open up and make meditation and Tantra available around the world. I find it exciting to participate with others in the online classes with Sarita where she is sharing her wisdom and wealth of experience and humour and giving individual step by step support. When I practise the meditations I feel I have a beautiful friend guiding me and holding my hand when I need it. I live in Germany, so how wonderful to share this experience with other friends in different countries. It is lovely to be connected with everyone.more

Shantidas, participating from Germany in Sarita's Vigyan Bhairav Tantra Online Meditation Class

Sacred Sexuality Workshop for Singles - Shakeela

Single women

The course was absolutely mind-blowing and has left me feeling deeply nourished on every level. I found Sarita to be the most incredible workshop leader I have ever encountered (and I have been doing groups and workshops for many years), she combines grace, compassion, lightness, intuition and deep wisdom.more

At all times I felt safe and ‘held’ and the structures, although challenging, were all offered in a spirit of invitation with plenty of support and encouragement. It was fine to say no at any point and because of this, most of the group were able to say yes to all of the exercises.

I have been able to clear some very deep stuff and I feel and look a lot lighter according to the friends who have seen me since I returned. I feel alive, desirable and energised!

Shakeela after Sacred Sexuality Workshop

Antigoni and Nisarga and the Soul Mate Couples Training


Antigoni from Greece and Nisarga from Poland met on Sarita's Tantra Meditation Retreat in India and watched their relationship flower as they participated in Sarita's 7 level Soul Mate Training for Couplesmore


I credit Tantra, and Sarita’s work, as having changed my life. Three and a half years ago, I went on the Meditation Retreat at Osho Nisarga in India. At the time, my sexual expression was quite unhealthy and wounded, through abuse from others and from myself. I discovered that there was a healing aspect to sexuality, something I not only had not experienced before, but had not even considered. I discovered that sexuality also had a spiritual component, which further blew my mind. I started a relationship in that course which soon turned into a partnership and through the couples Tantra work that we have done with Sarita, I have found that for the first time, I can more and more merge sex and love, that inside me I don’t have to choose one or the other.

Tantra and Tantric love-making, have helped me to heal these wounds, empower myself, and break the walls of the compartments which were before sex, love, and spirituality, merging these into sexlovespirituality. My experience of sex and its higher dimensions...

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