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My favorite APHRODISIAC is the mind!

About Tammeron Karaim

HI, I am Tammeron, a Sexual Intimacy Lifestyle Expert.  I love helping women and couples restore the fun and passion back into their sex lives .  I have a gift of gab and genuine openness which creates a beautiful, humorous  and safe space for anyone to truly discover their deepest sexual  desires.   I produce  a worldwide following on Voice America.com Health and Wellness Channel on my interactive Radio Show called "Let's Figure it Out..Intimately".  Each week I rotate through 5 specific fantasy themes of about sexuality issues that help you and me find more effective ways to live out the sex lives that many of us fantasize about!  Sex isn't a scary thing when you know how to speak up effectively and ask for what you want.  I had to do this and so can anyone else! Each week I share personal stories and challenges .  I give advice on the tools or techniques that worked for me AND I interview great authors, speakers and coaches  who have taught me how to create a passionate fulfilling sex life!  I also encourage my listeners to call in or  email me ahead of time, so that I can have your questions answered live on the radio! Let's face it, sex is a sacred private thing and when we want answers, it's embarassing to publicly share what is going on or NOT  in your bedroom!   But I solve that big problem for you by keeping your name anonymous if that is what you want! And for the not so shy folks, I encourage you to call in live every Thursday 3 pm EST .
I specialize in "Sexual Fantasy Exploration" and I know that many of us have fantasies and don't even share them with our partners.  Sometimes those fantasies come out amongst our girlfriends, but no one ever talks about how to make them come true OR even just to explore them to figure out what they actually mean about your sexual  personality!! Or to learn what really turns YOU ON.   This is my favorite workshop that I offer  as an online group event.  How perfect  is the worldwide web to share  without the judgement of the person sitting next to you? 
I have also launched my signature program Tammeron's "Secret Sex Language" which is a FULL  day one on one Private Session with me! I personally help couples work through 7 components  in a super fun way to teach them how  to communicate more effectively and achieve the super hot sex that we all want!  These are tried and true methods that I use in my own life!
So, what makes me the expert? After living in bars through my late teens and early twenties, getting married, becoming a mother of 2 boys, divorced becoming celibate for over 4 years and then hitting the online dating scene, I have a TON of crazy stories to share will all of you! I can make you laugh and cry and laugh again at how fascinating our sex lives can be and what we think about sexual expression is what is really effecting our sex life …period!
I just love to share and so writing about my personal  fantasies and dating experiences here on YOUR TANGO is how I can help you explore yours as well!
If you feel  truly READY  to TURN YOUR SEX LIFE BACK ON then let's figure it out intimately with this simple 7 question survey! Find out right now how I can help YOU bring all the fun, passion and pleasure back into your life.

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Cheers Tammeron

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