What If No One Was Watching?

The Secret Formula to Letting Go & Living Life Large

What if No One Was Watching?

Where in your life are you holding yourself back because you think:

• Someone will laugh at you
• You might look stupid
• You may make a mistake
• You’re not 100% sure how to do something
• You think it may not turn out a certain way

What would you do differently if no one were watching? If you could let go of the fears, what ifs, concerns about being judged or not accepted how would you live larger, go for it more often or be more authentically you? Do you cover your mouth when you laugh because someone once told you it was loud? Dress more conservatively on your off nights when you’d really rather be letting the vixen out? Choke back your opinion in case it conflicts with others in the conversation?


Imagine the freedom to be your authentic self if you knew no one was looking. Who doesn’t belt out a tune, even if they know they can’t sing, when the windows are up in the car and the radio is on? Would you let your off key Karoke performance rip if you knew someone could hear you?

I’m going to let you in on a little secret I discovered a few weeks ago. No one is watching. Ever. Even when other people are in the room. We all have our own little movies unfolding in which we are the star. If someone rolls their eyes at you because of how you are dressed or something you say, it is because somehow they’ve taken that in and done a quick comparison. You’re showing them something they are afraid to be.


We want to be accepted by others. We want to be loved. It is human nature. But thinking we will get this by censoring ourselves, sucking back in our lives and playing it safe is costing us. It also means we’re playing the game of life at a less than level. If membership into a group involves dumbing ourselves down, throwing a shroud over our inner light and checking our boldness at the door, then we’re choosing a crowd that follows these same principles.

How much more of your life do you want to live from a less than but very safe place? What will it take for you to be bold, audacious and, as SARK says, live a “juicy” life? Stay tuned for 4 Key Steps to injecting authenticity into the places you’ve been holding back…next blog post!


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