My Top 3 "Bad Hair Day" Solutions


We all have them. You get up and the skies are gloomy or you stub your toe or your hair just won’t go right…for real. Though any one or all three of those shouldn’t set the tone for the rest of your day, it’s a pretty common occurrence.

3. Set a boundary. You get to choose the impact an event or circumstance has on you. When something great happens, allow the ripple effect to flow through your day. This is the kind of energy that feeds you. For those things that drain you or drop your energy down, put a boundary around it and call it a singular moment. Don’t allow it to set the tone for the day.

2. Be bigger than. When an experience threatens to bring you down, see it as an opportunity to rise above. Master the moment. You are not the weather, a sharp pain in your toe or a hairstyle. Take a deep breath, exhale and apply ice, hairspray or the attitude that you're bigger than the challenge and move forward.

1. Create perspective. I’m not one for recommending you compare yourself to others. But one of the fastest ways to tap into inspiration and a new frame of mind is to open your eyes. All around us there are stories of survivors, risk-takers and groundbreakers. My quick fix is to remind myself what my clients are up to. They inspire me as they face their fears, break long standing patterns that are no longer serving them and step out to make their dreams come true.

It takes courage for each of my clients to do their work. I coach them out of their comfort zones and help them live inspired lives…which means I can ask no less of myself. So when I get stuck or stopped, I remind myself that my mission is more important than my fears, worries or concerns and that many other people in the world face bigger challenges daily in their lives. When I put whatever I’m up against into perspective by witnessing the courage of others all I can do, and still maintain personal integrity, is up my game.

The next time you hear yourself saying “I’m having a bad day” would you rather:

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• Give up more than a few moments to feeling bad or down?
• Live and play small which means experiencing the feeling of sucking back in life
• Be so self-involved you miss seeing the courage and inspiration all around you?

You decide.