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Tulsa OK 74105 - United States



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Change Management Expert, Clergy, Leadership Coach, Relationship Coach, Speaker/Presenter, Spiritual Coach

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...I can help you find your voice, integrate your work and home life, and make a difference with your presence.

About Tamara Lebak

Tamara is a certified coach with over 10 years of experience helping individuals, couples, teams, and organizations build trust, find their authentic voice, and leave a legacy. Tamara’s corporate background includes being a gestalt trained organizational development consultant and diversity and inclusion specialist.  In addition, she served as the Associate Minister of the largest Unitarian Universalist church in the world. Tamara has worked with leaders in corporations, government agencies, nonprofits and religious institutions nationally. She is a teacher to teachers, a minister to ministers and a thought partner for leaders in a variety of disciplines. Tamara asks the right questions, holds the right space, and invites the right conversation to move you where you want to go.

Tamara’s work is grounded in her philosophy that our values should guide our priorities.  Tamara is dedicated to developing effective leaders, raising emotional and cultural awareness, promoting truthfulness and authenticity, and ultimately contributing to creating a more just and compassionate world.  She is a published author, a lover of pit bulls, a singer songwriter, and a proud mother of 1.


Tamara Lebak Success Stories

Keynote/ Speaker Reviews

Tamara is one of those people who can draw in her audience, get them excited about her topic and then passionate to make a change.
She is sincere, funny and genuinely cares about her clients and her audiences getting ideas and best practices that can make a difference. And she's engaging, there is never a dull moment when Tamara is speaking!- DIxie A.more

I've always loved working with Tamara. She's passionate and organized. She communicates clearly. She sees the big picture and always brings an excellent analysis into the conversation. She's a fabulous speaker and does not hide from speaking the truth when it needs to be spoken.-Josh P.

Tamara raises important questions about social, cultural and religious absolutes, while (gently) opening minds, changing hearts and bringing people together. Her positive leadership is making a significant difference in our community and she will surely see the world changed for the better in her own time. Bill A.

Tamara is a capable, effective leader. She shows great creativity that is backed up by a complete knowledge of her subject. Her enthusiasm is contagious. Ros-E

Tamara is an extremely gifted speaker with great depth of understanding of the human condition. She is also an excellent organizer, communicator, motivator and visionary. - Deedee C.

Tamara is a gifted philosopher, gutsy thinker, and skilled communicator with the courage and sensitivity to connect with any number of constituencies. - Sheri R.

Diversity Training

Becoming cultural competent is not an easy task, but Tamara helps give ideas and next steps. Tamara said, "If you aren't failing at something you aren't risking enough, and you are perpetuating the status quo." I have thought of that quote ever since. I highly recommend Tamara for any organization or company that wants to challenge themselves and become more culturally competent. By far the best diversity session I've ever been to!  Abbey C.more


Tamara is passionate and knowledgeable about cultural competency and is very enthusiastic when delivering the material. Tamara held my attention the entire time and was very engaging in her class. Tamara helps you to understand how to think outside the box and attempt to not limit yourself or assume things of others. After taking this class I am very interested in learning more about cultural competency and I will definitely recommend this class to my coworkers.- Courtney W.

Tamara's expertly designed program fed equally minds and hearts. I clarified personal values and was challenged every step of the way to take concrete steps towards a new vision of what we wanted for ourselves and for our organization. I was introduced to the world of intercultural competency and became aware of how I dealt with difference. I began learning a path that assists in navigating the journey from fear of difference to fascination of those with different experiences than my own. - Emily P.


Tamara helped me see not only where I did well with working across cultural lines, but also to help me see where I could begin taking next steps to intentionally look out for the things I previously wasn't seeing, because I wasn't aware that I was missing them. The personal touch of meeting individually with each participant helped me not just receive the results, and instead to really have a helpful conversation to understand them. 
Over the course of the training I saw the way that this group of 20 people, who largely did not know each other prior to the class, came to be partners in the work of the organization. In my own life I've moved on to serve a community where deep divides remain between the largely Hispanic agricultural workforce and the largely white centers of power and influence. Because of the work that Tamara helped me do I've been able to work with people from across a wide range of life experiences, from those with only high school diplomas and the adults who grew up working as migrant farm laborers, to college faculty members, to meeting with the staff of our representative in the federal House of Representatives. This kind of leveraging of the power of knowledge and story has been, and continues to be, invaluable in my work and my personal life. - Eric B

The growth she fostered in everyone in this class through her ability to present information in an accessible, soulful, humorous, and pertinent method while honoring and feeding each student's needs, strengths, and deeper consciousness made this a rewarding and life-changing experience. In my long career I have never met anyone who knew how to truly teach as she does.-Dan P.

Tamara unique skills as a intercultural competency training in my opinion has separated her from many! Her passion, curiosity, and sensitivity in the field of true diversity has broaden my perspective in my discipline of work as an urban developer. I have had the privilege in working with Tamara, and I give her my highest recommendation! -Antoine H.

Tamara is a consultant for OCCJ, providing Intercultural Competency training for our clients. Tamara has an amazing knowledge of theory and practice concerning cultural issues in the workplace. OCCJ is very proud to be working with Tamara in our efforts to promote understanding and respect in Oklahoma among all races, religions and cultures through advocacy, conflict resolution and education.- Joshua O.

Tulsa, Oklahoma is incredibly lucky to have Tamara Lebak living and working here, and sharing her special blend of joy, personal power, transformation and justice within our community. She's extremely bright and fully connected to Spirit, making her a great ally and a wonderfully (r)evolutionary presence. I recommend her without reservation. -Annie H.

Coaching Reviews

Tamara is a very intuitive coach that quickly let me feel safe with her and go thus go much deeper than with other coaches. She laughed with me and held a vast space for me to grow into. Love her use of profound silence and whoa! powerful questions. She leaves lots of room for transformation to occur. Great use of silence too. -Viktor H.more

My business has improved, my personal relationships have been advanced, and my own ability to manage a complicated world have changed to the point of not recognizing my previous strengths as mine, prior to my work with Tamara. -Jeffrey E.

How would you describe Tamara's coaching style?   Creative and transformational

What did Tamara do which worked particularly well for you?   Tamara helped me see new perspectives and asked very powerful questions. She really danced with the moment, grabbing all opportunities to make me go deeper and challenge my beliefs. Tamara also has a great sense of humour that made our conversations unique.

What did you learn (personally or professionally) from being coached by Tamara?   To further leverage the power of metaphors.

How did you or any aspect of your life/work/business change as a result of coaching with Tamara?   I gained self-confidence in an area that represented a challenge at this time in my life, as I am about to publish my first book.

Being coached by Tamara has been a blessing professionally, personally and spiritually. Her natural talents for coaching bring insights and transformation. Keywords that come to my mind are joy, sharing and growth. Carol D.


2016-11-01  As coach to Lori Y.

How would you describe Tamara's coaching style?   Tamara's coaching style is action-oriented and thoughtful.


What did Tamara do which worked particularly well for you?   Tamara asked challenging questions and offered her expertise for my coaching need. She always worked with my agenda, which changed multiple times throughout the engagement.


What did you learn (personally or professionally) from being coached by Tamara?   Personally, I learned more about my own level of cultural competency and how to approach my work with more cultural competence.Professionally, I appreciated experiencing Tamara's coaching style to be more direct as needed.


How did you or any aspect of your life/work/business change as a result of coaching with Tamara?   I was continuing to transition into a new leadership role in a new organization that was very different from others I've worked at it the past. Tamara helped me navigate through some challenging leadership experiences, which has impacted my own personal engagement with my role and the organization.


Tamara is a committed coach who works with your agenda and challenges you to see beyond your current mindset or experience. She has energy and enthusiasm and is a strong coach.



Tamara has quickly become a trusted partner for our executive coaching needs. She is my go-to resource for problems when I need an innovative external expert opinion. I highly recommend Tamara for personal coaching, situations where insight is needed on mission critical organizational dynamics, and high impact results.- Aaron B.

Exponential growth is how I would have to describe Tamara. That's simply what she is and it's what she transmits to other people. She is one tremendously gracious soul that finds new ways to shine every day. She adapts easily to any situation because of her high level of creativity and inspiration. I am thankful for all of my experiences working with her. She is a joy to collaborate with and if the opportunity arises for you to work with Tamara, you should get on board that train. Now that I think of it, working with her is a lot like riding the Polar Express. Her adventurous spirit beckons you to go on some life-changing and rewarding journey that always comes together magically in the end. :) - Ben I.

Tamara is a dynamic leader and coach, able to help people find their own strengths and, more importantly, to appreciate the strengths of others and the differences in others. She calls us to be better than we would otherwise be.- Larry L.


How would you describe Tamara's coaching style?   Insightful, warm, engaging. 
What did Tamara do which worked particularly well for you?   She brought in her experience as a clergy person to help me identify what was most important to me as I dealt with my husband's brothers death from cancer. 
What did you learn (personally or professionally) from being coached by Tamara?   I (re)learned that I need to follow my instincts and trust my intuition. 
How did you or any aspect of your life/work/business change as a result of coaching with Tamara?   I was able to pass this time with few regrets for how I wish I had dealt with things differently.

Building Teams/ Leadership Development/Organizational Support

Tamara is skilled in Organizational Development and Intercultural Competency Training -- which is what every organization needs to compete in the 21st Century.- Kate S.more

Our firm utilized Tamara's expertise to help get us through a transitional period. Without her help our transition could have been destructive. Her consulting allowed our team to see insights into each other and ourselves that provided a path to constructively moving forward and placed new accountabilities on each member in a way that was easily accepted and empowering to do the next right thing for our organization. This could not have been achieved without Tamara's unique and professional approach.- Kyle H.

Ms. Lebak's program has made me come alive and inflamed anew my passion to work as part of a team towards a noble purpose. Her work reminded me of the true leader I am. I became clearer about my own strengths and weaknesses as a leader and how to use that knowledge to be more effective. I have used the wisdom gained from this journey in every aspect of my life—in my role as an employee, in my role as a parent, in my role as a wife, in my new place in this new tightly-knit community of leaders, and in my role as a member of my community. I've challenged myself to risk more and to give more of my potential to make as much of a difference as I can, in a feeble attempt to give back as much as I have received. -Emily P.


My personal growth and increased skills in systems/process awareness, leveraging relationships, etc...have helped me see the world from a new horizon. The skill and expertise she brought to this group led me to be connected and aware on new levels. Our class will be impacting the world for years to come. Empowered, enlightened and motivated to impact society on many levels, this group of people have all blossomed during this process. Tamara has mastered leader building.  Chris F.

I have found Tamara to be an articulate, caring,and well organized leader. She has the ability to guide a group without over powering the situation. Her ability to see the big picture and lead accordingly is a talent that has been most beneficial to her work. Donna D.

Tamara is a brilliant and focused facilitator, strategist, and promoter of human and planet worth. I give her my highest recommendation.- Marilyn I.

Spiritual Support

Tamara is a fantastic leader and role model, among many other things. I have been personally improved from my interactions with her in her role as Minister and counselor. She is extremely professional in all her dealings, yet still maintains obvious sincerity and compassion. She is intelligent, funny (at the appropriate times), and caring, and I cannot recommend her highly enough.-Sarah D.more

Tamara is a woman of great energy, creativity, and passion. She is able to effortlessly engage and lead others in an educational and collaborative journey of spiritual awareness and personal development. She is a pleasure to work with,- Christine H.


Tamara has been influential in our life more than once. Her ability to connect made her the one that our youngest son wanted to talk to when he had upcoming surgery. She connects easily with many people because of her life experiences and her acceptance of others. I found her at all times to be both professional and approachable no matter how busy she might be. In another capacity, I had a chance to attend a workshop led by her and a business partner that was well managed, eye opening and fruitful. Expect nothing but her full attention, commitment and skill set no matter when you interact.- Rhonda J.

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