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6-10 years


Toronto ON M3H3Y2 - Canada



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Business Coach, Career Coach, Confidence Coach, Personal Development Coach, Weight Loss Coach, Wellness Coach

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

“One of the most important questions you can ask yourself as you age is this: What if midlife is only the beginning and not the end? Noticing how you answer this question is how you're really thinking and can change EVERYTHING." Suzy Rosenstein, The Midlife Coach

About Suzy Rosenstein, MA

Hey there! I'm Suzy, The Midlife Happiness Master Life Coach, and I help amazing professional midlife women, like you. The only problem is you feel stagnant and stuck about your career, empty nest and aging. Now that you're older, you know something has to change but aren't sure where to start. I help you get clear about what you want, start taking action and create a life you can get excited about. Finally!

I'm trained as a certified master life coach from The Life Coach School. I've been on the instructor and certification team for new coaches at The Life Coach School for four years and in my own business since 2015. This is my second career and I've never been happier or more fulfilled.

I was in your shoes. I know how you feel.

And, the thing is, you're not alone in feeling "off."

Are you ready to:

  • make a change?
  • stop settling?
  • move beyond being bored and frustrated?
  • drop the fear?
  • feel more confident?
  • say goodbye to feeling stuck?
  • feel more content on a day-to-day basis?
  • do what it takes to make sure you don't have regrets?
  • take a close look at fear and doubt in your life?
  • find more meaning in your life?
  • live with more intention?
  • figure out what's stopping you from really doing what you want to do?
  • stop denying the world of your unique talents and gifts?

Seriously...let this last point sink in for a minute. Sometimes you need a little help to get your life moving in the direction that YOU want. Most of us do. Midlife isn't a crisis. I believe that it's full of possibilities to create a life that really makes you happy.  Here's an awesome FREE download called Top 10 Questions to Reimagine your Life after 50 to help get you started! No matter how old you are, life's too short to live with regrets. Do something about it while you can! 

I can help you.  My clients are people just like you, who say "yes" to at least one of those questions above. I have a feeling you're ready to do the work. You CAN do hard things. Check out the Women in the Middle Podcast too. It's for women just like you. 

Ready to have your own back? It's the perfect time to regret-proof your life! Don't waste another minute and grab your spot in my calendar; Click here to apply to work together in the Women in the Middle Academy and see if we're a good fit! I can't wait to see YOUR name in my calendar!

Let's do this ladies! One thought at a time.

Suzy Rosenstein, MA Success Stories

Areas of my life badly needed my attention...

Women dealing with stress

Suzy really helped me to identify areas of my life that badly needed my attention, to set priorities, and to find the courage to face areas I'd been avoiding for months.I felt constantly supported by Suzy, but also strongly encouraged to rethink some of my fixed ideas. Suzy had a knack for sensing when we were focused on the most salient aspects of my challenges and refused to budge until we had teased apart what was keeping me stuck. It was fun to work with Suzy. I felt that she was sincerely present and interested in my well-being. At the end of our six sessions, I feel more grounded in my life and far more hopeful about my future.

Profound self-exploration

Women dealing with work related stress

At a pivotal crossroads in my life, I turned to Suzy for a few coaching sessions. Her questions are relevant, probing, thought provoking and stimulated profoundly important self-exploration. She has a tremendous ability to focus in, with insightful clarity, on what really holds us back, what the big picture problems are and direct pathways to access results. Working with Suzy has enabled me to shifted gears and my mindset. I now have a whole new career which has taken off in ways I never expected! 

Finally able to extract those negative thoughts and feelings

Women starting over

In recently working with Suzy (my first experience with life coaching), I have learned that life coaching makes complete sense in that it has effectively assisted me in viewing my present day life and thought processes from a completely different perspective. My experience with Suzy has been nothing short of eye-opening, informative, reflective and incredibly thorough. Suzy’s personality was wonderfully suited to my personality. She was able to guide me in extracting those feelings and thoughts that were igniting negativity in my life and move forward with a clearer understanding on the steps that can help toward moving in the right path and ultimately live a happier life. She is patient, kind, logical, intelligent and has been a very effective and superlative coach. I would recommend her to anyone interested in delving into discussions on thought processes to seek success at attaining success at making desired personal goals a reality. 

Able to achieve my potential

Men dealing with stress

I worked with Suzy for several phone sessions. Even though she was not there in person, I felt she was deeply engaged and listening. More than that, her questions and suggestions were spot on and extremely helpful with identifying the blockers that were preventing me from achieving my potential. She is passionate about what she does and is very competent. I would recommend her to all who want an honest, no-nonsense life coach who deeply cares about her clients.

More relaxed now

Women dealing with stress

Suzy really helped me to take a more relaxed approach to doing household tasks. She was personable, listened carefully to my concerns and gave spot-on suggestions. 

Now able to move a new venture forward

Women starting over

Suzy asked insightful questions that helped me clarify what I needed to do to move a new venture forward. 

Strong foundation for moving forward with your aspirations

Women dealing with work related stress

Working with Suzy was an interesting and exciting prospect for me. I went into the course very skeptically (I had never participated in any life coaching programs before) and finished feeling that we had accomplished a lot. It didn’t take long for me to feel very comfortable talking to her about serious issues that you don’t get a chance to discuss in everyday conversations, even with those close to you. The program she takes you through is structured in such a way that each step builds on the previous one so that you can build a strong foundation for moving forward with your aspirations. What I really enjoyed was examining suppositions that I’d held so dearly and seeing that they weren’t necessarily true and could be holding me back. All this was done in a caring, professional manner that made me look forward to the next week’s session.more

For anyone at a crossroads and feeling overwhelmed, I would highly recommend Suzy’s program. At the conclusion I felt energized and focused. I’m so pleased that I decided to give it a shot.

Suzy Rosenstein, MA Articles