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About Suzanne Geimer

Suzanne Geimer, founder of Special Angel Inc., has a wide and varied background in nursing, entertainment, and non-profit organization leadership. This gives her the ability to effectively communicate with others in a way that truly makes an impact. She has the ability to initiate effective discussion of problems effecting youth and families today in a way that is entertaining and easy to understand. Her honest, sincere and straightforward approach works with even the toughest audience.

Suzanne is an RN and Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN) with over 40 years nursing experience. Working at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA for the past 29 years, Suzanne spent the first 5 years working in the Chemical Dependency Unit,  followed by 25 years in the Level I Trauma Center/Emergency Department. She was an MICN, (Mobile Intensive Care Nurse) licensed by Los Angeles County to answer and guide paramedic calls, a mentor and advocate for new nurses in the ED RN Intern program, assisted in establishing the new Psych RN program for the department, orienting staff  and encouraging support for this new role.

Suzanne is a strong nurse advocate, teaching classes on professionalism and being a true Ambassador for Nursing. She is a strong patient advocate who believes in treating the whole patient and including the family in patient education. Suzanne's extensive background in Chemical Dependency nursing has given her the ability to work with teens and families experiencing addiction problems in a manner that is credible. As a nurse, she has observed first- hand the negative outcomes of those who continue to practice unhealthy behaviors. This has given her a true understanding of the importance of encouraging and teaching young people to change high risk behavior, helping them gain confidence in themselves and develop healthy habits for life.

As a nurse, Suzanne knows what happens if needed change does not occur. As a singer/songwriter she understands the healing power of music. Her lyrics talk about real life issues that her audience can easily relate to. Working with her daughter and the Special Angel Band, she has inspired thousands of young people as indicated in their own words throughout the book she wrote with her daughter Kelly. Some Day It Will Matter is a compelling story of the rebellious teen years and how they started singing together and using music to help troubled teens and families. 

Suzanne is an inspiring and motivational speaker on these issues and more. She is frequently invited to speak with nursing groups in addition to requests to work with youth groups. She is a member of ASCAP, LA chapter of Women in Music, the Emergency Nurses Association and has served on the Advisory Board of Beverly Hills CPR. In addition to her work as a staff nurse in the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Emergency Department she has also worked with Dr. Julia Tatum Hunter at Wholistic Dermatology in Beverly Hills focusing on anti-aging and wellness. Suzanne shares her secrets to anti-aging and wellness here.  Suzanne’s husband Marty is a Realtor. They live in Beverly Hills, California. ~

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