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Business Coach, Career Coach, Life Coach, Mentor, Relationship Coach, Speaker/Presenter, Spiritual Coach

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I Believe

There is no-one alive YOU-er than YOU. - Dr. Seuss

You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You're on your own, and you know what you know. And you are the (gal or) guy who'll decide where to go. - Dr. Seuss

Life is a perfect adventure, a game to be played not won or lost.

About Suzanne Beveridge

Truly, it’s about YOU...and how I can help you on the journey to your best life.

You’ve reached the mid-life point where you are wondering “is this all?”, “if only I could do that”, “it’s now or never” to give your all to life doing work that you feel you are meant to do.

You know you have more potential than what you are using. Yet you struggle with lack of confidence, perhaps scared to put yourself out there in the world due to past experience that has burned you. You doubt yourself and so keep plugging away in old ways that have worked before to be productive and keep the peace. You may think you are not worthy to speak up, show who you really are to the world and be more visible. You get angry with yourself for being so ‘weak willed‘ and perhaps angry with others for not giving you a chance to say and do the things that are important to you. You are stressed tired, exhausted and anxious. You end up playing smaller than you would like to protect yourself mostly, and others too. And that is frustrating.

You are ready to lead your life in the most authentic way you can, showing the world who you are not just what you can do. You want to shed the layers of doubt, confusion, anger, nervousness. You feel there must be a purpose to life and sometimes, even most of the time, you know what yours is but you struggle to stay the course. You’re much more comfortable with predictability than change. You regret some choices you have made in the past, perhaps even wish you could relive younger years when you seemed to have everything going for you. Cultural norms and conventions limit and stop you from taking action, you worry that things and people that pulled you down in the past will repeat. You are tired of competing, fighting to be heard and seen and achieve what you are setting out to do. Your resilience has allowed you to overcome significant challenges in the past but now you feel like time is running out for you to solve your problems so you can be free to share your gifts fully with the world. 

You know your time is NOW.  You’re inspired and on a mission to share your wisdom (knowledge + experience) to make our world better. You are ready to get in touch with your deep intuitive self and let it guide your path. You are not prepared to stay in the muck of despair and other emotions that pull you down. You’re not prepared to live and work within the expectations set by others. You want to create a new path. You’re searching for a more meaningful, fulfilled life - your best life filled with peace, joy and happiness. You're challenged sometimes to stay the path. You struggle in a few areas of life - perhaps it is a challenging relationship, anxiety to keep going under pressure, moving out of your comfort zone, or something else. You wonder how it’s possible to go to a higher place in a conflicted and competitive world. Perhaps it’s how to leave the comfort of your career or home life and manage the risk of starting anew.

This mid-life period is full of change - how do you embrace that change so that it works with you instead of against you? As you start sharing more of what you have, how is it possible to keep believing in yourself amidst criticism of others, even loved ones? How do you stop comparing yourself to others and stick to your mid-life mission?

MidLife Wisdom is about You + Me, mid-lifers on the journey to our best lives.

MidLife Wisdom is about me guiding you to navigate change so you can jump the fence to your best life. 

I am warm and compassionate, an intuitive listener who knows for every problem or concern you may have as you transition through mid-life, you have the answers deep inside of you.

I'm your expert guide who helps you find your answers and trust your intuition, who supports and challenges you to take the steps to make a better world - for you, those you love and work with, and wherever you wish.

When you work with me, you find your unique brand of wisdom and learn how you are meant use it to bring your best self to your best life. You find clarity, courage and confidence to jump the fence away from a fear-based life that happens to you. You jump the fence to a trust-based life that happens because of you.

I love working with women and men in their 40s and 50s as they take a more conscious approach to how they live and work. I specialize in showing you how your thoughts influence your emotions influence your actions. You CAN choose your thoughts. I show you how. When you do, you succeed like you are meant to.

More about me: I live amidst the wise old oaks of an Italian country garden. I'm an Aussie who has worked abroad and lived the expat life for almost 20 years. I'm married one time only for 30+ years. I'm aging without kids.

I'm a mid-lifer, just like you, following the intuitive path to my best life.

Come visit me at MidLife Wisdom. Read and learn some, subscribe to my weekly blog, enjoy and take action. Most of all, I hope you find clarity, courage and confidence to make a better world.

Suzanne Beveridge Success Stories

My Priority Is To Operate From A Position Of Love

Men dealing with stress

Working with Suzanne really helped me to “see the forest from the trees’’ - a clearing was made, space was created.more

Since my key PRIORITY is to operate from a position of love – at home, at work, with friends and acquaintances, and to be accepting of myself. Suzanne helped me clearly see the areas where I was operating from a position of Love and the areas where I was not. So NOW my goal is to stay aligned with Priorities focused on Love, lived out through CHOICES I make, GOALS I set and TIME I spend achieving that priority.

My priority is to keep these new found tools at the pulse of my daily life. The exploration and search will never end…it’s not the destination; it’s the journey.

I highly encourage anyone striving to perform at their best to reach out to Suzanne. She will champion you to take the stage; she will help you see how certain thinking and actions are impeding progress; and she will help you clarify your key values and your vision. Most of all she will hold you accountable for the actions you choose to take and keep your line of sight on the horizon.

And best of all, you will be inspired by her passion and love for people who she knows are meant to succeed in their life work.

I No Longer Feel The Need To Defend Myself

Women dealing with work related stress

The biggest benefit since I worked with Suzanne is that I feel stronger, calm and much more self confident. I no longer feel the need to defend myself nor do I feel like a victim.more

Now I focus my energy on the things that are most important for me. I have learned to put distance between me and the different situations that I have to face, and this helps me to be more objective. I can now solve problems in a better way, without creating new conflicts.

Before I began coaching sessions, it was very difficult for me to be calm at work: I couldn't trust my colleagues and I was inclined to totally control everything. I was good at my job, but I couldn't help but be ugly, sharp and quick tempered. I had started to believe that my boss was right - that I was the problem.

The assessment showed me how my quick reactivity to problems and situations resulted in misunderstandings and bias where I lost a lot of energy. It showed me I was not the problem. I now have a more objective way of managing, both in standard and in stressful situations, so my energy is directed to my purpose.

What I liked most was that during every session Suzanne helped me reflect on an issue or a problem. I looked deeply into my experience which opened up broader discussion and refection on my attitudes, not only the single problem.

I Feel More Confident About Starting My Business

Women starting over

I feel more confident about starting my own business since I partnered with Suzanne.more

Before, while I was sure that I was doing the right thing, I worried about the big impact on my daily life and the future.

Suzanne’s positive and concrete approach helped me become more secure and self-reliant about my choices, my responsibilities and my abilities. Her own background brought a solid and intuitive basis to her insights in our coaching sessions.

Now I am more positive, able to not take problems personally as much as I did before and confident to inspire people around me, accepting who I am.

Now I Trust My Intuition As My Partner For Success


What was really life changing for me from coaching with Suzanne was my unveiling of a deep-rooted self-confidence - the discovery of my inner Force. I now fully understand the deep and true meaning of “may the Force be with you” from the movie Star Wars.more

Before partnering with Suzanne, I felt confused about where I was heading, both personally and professionally. I knew that I was ready for a cutting-edge operation. I was ready to unpack my old thoughts and repack them in a new way as a success platform for upcoming life. I just didn't have the self-confidence to do it and get going.

Trust is the word that best describes what I found while working with Suzanne. More trust in my instinct: which was always there, but hidden by multitudes of responsibilities and tasks, stirred with a dramatic and chronic feeling of being always behind. More trust in my inner leadership: less judgement, less irritation, more awareness of my potential. More trust and confidence in myself.

Now, I feel that my self-awareness - my intuitive, inner Force - is my partner for success on my life journey.

I absolutely recommend partnering with Suzanne to be the confident leader you are meant to be in life and at work. Each of us should have such a coaching program more than once in life!

More Awareness, More Clarity, More Direction And More Motivation

Women dealing with stress

What drew me to working with Suzanne was to find how to quieten feelings of uneasiness, confusion and irritation that could often make me feel like a victim and sometimes react with conflict towards others. I didn't want to act like that anymore.more

I found her pragmatic approach and her non-judgmental capability allowed me to lead the process. Don't expect that she is telling you who or how it is better for you to be, you have to do the work to know who you want to be and she will help you to get there.

Suzanne is quick to recognize what "traps" are holding you back from achieving your goals. She has a smooth style of encouraging you to think about it and take the time to understand by yourself what is better for you.

After working with Suzanne, I have much more awareness and sense of clarity, more sense of direction, more motivation. I have fewer times when I feel uneasy, confused and irritated. I'm calmer and more purposeful now. I know where to put my energy and focus to work effectively. 

My Life Journey Is Easier Now And More Fun To Travel

Women starting over

Suzanne has coached me through and forward in a time of my life characterised by chaos and transition, where I felt overwhelmed and stuck. She has helped me bring clarity, set short and long time goals that has made my journey easier and more fun to travel. She helped me bring out meaning and motivation and at the same time pushed me to get things done and move forward.more

Suzanne created a safe space where I dared to be vulnerable and that was really the key to being able to grow without fear. To dare to look upon things with strength and curiosity instead of fear has changed my path and increased the joy in life.

I am so grateful to being able to sign up with such a professional coach - making me feel powerful, limitless and able to lead myself in the directions I choose.

I know exactly where to turn next time! Forever thankful to you Suzanne.

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