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Top Aphrodisiacs For Him & Her - Part 4

c. 2012 Susun S Weed (Expert)
Author: Down There: Sexual & Reproductive Health the Wise Woman Way

Herbal aphrodisiacs are fun. They add a new dimension to the same old, same old. And they benefit our overall health, too. If you are just joining us, be sure to check out the past few installments on herbal aphrodisiacs, too, after giving this week’s stars a tumble.

Allow me to introduce you to two mild-mannered herbs who wear super-hero tights under their work clothes: from India, fenugreek and from China, shisandra. These food-like herbs won’t make you want to tear off your clothes and jump into bed with the nearest eligible human. Instead, they will become allies who help you feel sexier and healthier every day.

Our third herb, tribulus, will give you the itch, now, right now, so approach with her caution and get ready for some action.

Great-tasting fenugreek tea can improve potency for men and increase sensitivity to stimuli for women. Fenugreek is a member of the bean family, so it is rich in phyto-sterols, substances that can be converted into sex hormones in our bodies. These hormones are far safer than pharmaceutical hormone analogs, and more effective in the long run, too. Daily use of fenugreek seed tea gently alters hormones toward vibrancy and vitality, improving the entire sweep of sexuality: desire, performance, fertility, and lactation. Fenugreek is moistening, lubricating, and nourishing. It was one of the main ingredients of Lydia Pinkham’s famous “Vegetable Compound,” an herbal elixir sold in the nineteenth century for “women’s problems” including postmesopausal dryness. Fenugreek does have one side-effect: It makes body fluids smell sweet, like maple syrup. To make fenugreek tea: Put 6 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds in a quart jar, fill it up with boiling water, steep for no more than 20 minutes, strain, and drink freely. This brew keeps for up to a week refrigerated.

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