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Top Aphrodisiacs For Him & Her: Part 3

c. 2012 Susun S Weed (Expert)
Author: Down There: Sexual & Reproductive Health the Wise Woman Way

Herbal aphrodisiacs are fun and effective ways of improving overall health in addition to amping up sexual health and vigor. In the past few installments, we have dabbled with potions of ginkgo, ginseng, ginger, guarana, damiana, potency wood, and yohimbe. Does this exhaust the list? Are there any interesting herbs left to go to bed with?
Yes, indeed. Many more. To start with, let’s get it on with two of the sexiest herbs I’ve ever met: oatstraw and marijuana. Post-menopausal women and mid-life men will find these two green allies of special interest to them.

Oatstraw (Avena sativa) is the grass of the plant that gives us oats. Oatstraw is only the stalks; it is free of grain and totally gluten free. We speak of people “sowing their wild oats” and “feeling their oats.” And when we drink oatstraw infusion, we are the ones sowing and feeling! Whoopee!

Oatstraw infusion is my favorite sexual tonic for both men and women, especially those older than fifty. Regular use of as little as 2 quarts a week for several weeks, improves blood flow to the genitals (and the heart), increases engorgement, amps up interest, rekindles desire, turns on the faucets of lubrication, counters environmental estrogens, and helps lower cholesterol, too 

Oatstraw infusion dependably increases testosterone, thus increasing libido and enjoyment for both men and women. As a nutritive nervine, oatstraw nourishes the nervous system, allowing it to carrying a greater charge of energy, which translates into stronger orgasms.

The minerals so lavishly present in oatstraw also build strong bones, stabilize blood sugar, and moderate mood swings. Oats and oatstraw are valued highly as heart tonics. Drink the infusion to reduce bad cholesterol, maintain good blood pressure, and improve circulation. And don’t forget that a healthy heart and healthy blood vessels are necessary for more pleasurable and longer orgasms.

Soothing, calming oatstraw is a boon companion for the grandparents and parents of newborns, as well as for the baby. Infusion of oatstraw improves digestion (happy baby), deepens sleep (happy parents), counters fatigue and muscle pain (happy grandpa), and even reduces headaches and hot flashes (happy grandma). There’s nothing quite like a glass of iced oatstraw infusion to bring a satisfied smile to the face, a blessed coolness to the heart, and a naughty thought to mind.
From China to South Africa, from the plains of North American to the steppes of Russia, wild oats is a common weed in all grain fields. If you give her a chance, Madame oatstraw would like to turn the desert between your legs into an oasis, with date palms and dancing girls.

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