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I help people seeking sacred intimacy in a hot relationship get what they want from each other so they can experience more fun, more sex and less bickering. 

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About Susan Sheppard

1st Annual Get Loved Now Live Event, “Are you ready for a relationship?” Sunday, August 19 9am – 6pm. Studio City, California!

My name is Susan Sheppard and I am a relationship expert. I will help you find the romantic relationship that provides you contentment, passion, and entitlement to the power you deserve to have to get exactly what you want in every facet of your life. I founded Getting What You Want, a life and relationship coaching organization devoted to just that.   I am the author of the book “How to Get What You Want From Your Man Anytime”, a relationship book focused to women that tells everyone in romantic relationships how to be content and have more intimacy, more fun, more sex and less bickering.

My purpose in Getting What You Want is to coach you to find and engage with your partner in love, chemistry and compatibility.  I am a speaker, writer, trainer and coach who is passionate about sacred intimacy in solid, loving family life.  My goal is to propel you to initiate passionate movement towards meaningful love in your life. It only requires your willingness to do whatever it takes.


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Susan Sheppard Success Stories

The coaching was called Getting What You Want, but I got more tha

Women seeking a relationship

May 31,2011more

Dear Susan,

When we started this process, I was curious to explore the idea of getting what I want. I had in mind that what I wanted was a man that satisfied my needs and desires. I didn’t get a man rather I got many new relationships and existing ones have improved and become much more satisfying and exciting.  I didn’t get the guy, but learned a lot about men. They are not as mysterious and scary as they were before. I sense an equality in that domain that was lacking before. I have a fondness for the opposite sex, which was lacking before.

The coaching was called Getting What You Want, but I got more than what I wanted. I have been given things that I could not have imagined with my limited view at the time. If I had got what I wanted, I would have sold myself short. Instead of a boyfriend, I got more friends and acquaintances that share similar interests and values – my phone rings more, I write and receive more personal emails and text messages. I don’t go to the cinema alone as often anymore. I go cycling with fun-loving companions more often (instead of alone), and I have hiked many hills and mountains also in companionship – instead of walking for hours alone.

Instead of a man to love and to love me, all my relationships have become more loving, from my neighbors to friends and most of all with my teenage children. There’s more laughter, more love, and more mutual understanding. The practice of acknowledgement and appreciation is transforming.  I do more service, which is also satisfying and inspiring. New difficulties have come along with the expansion of interaction with others. It is not all peace and love. Sometimes I let people down because I am late or forget about an appt and I have to sort those situations out. Sometimes I get so busy, forget to exhale. Other times, I get impatient or irritated, but I figure this  is all part of the package and I can develop and grow through these difficulties.

I am excited about my work and the potential to develop that aspect of life (there is still some thinking and action to take there but it is looking good) and last but not least I am more content with myself. That vague notion of not being able take care of myself and being dis-satisfied with life has slipped away. I have a sense of adventure for the first time since I was in my teens and early twenties. The main reason for that is I feel that my dreams are attainable again. I understand better the things that turn me on and have been able to not only understand them but also realize them. There is a confidence that if I articulate goals and values, they are achievable in ways I cannot imagine at the time.

V.T. Switzerland


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