Communication Problems, Chronic Pain/Disability or Illness, Career, Empowering Women, Life Management, Stress Management, Wellness, Holistic Coach, Health Coach, Health/Wellness



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Life Coach, Relationship Coach, Health Coach, Speaker/Presenter, Wellness Coach

About Susan Poore

"Change Your Health, Change Your Life!" is my trademarked motto. Positive health and lifestyle approaches are a strong part of my ability to connect with those in need of my services.

As a registered nurse extensively trained and certified in Nutrition, Health, Exercise, Stress Management and Professional Life Coaching, I am very passionate about what I do.

Been in the health care industry for 30+ years. I started my practice "Balanced Health 101" in 2006. Love to travel all over the country offering workshops and seminars.

Over the years my passion has become "Teaching, Inspiring and Motivating" others how the body can heal itself (mentally and physically) and that we can have a huge impact on the future of our health. I travel everywhere in the USA (including Hawaii) and enjoy talking to groups of any size from 10-500+.

I also opened my own seminar center (The Self Improvement 101 Mind & Body Center) and offer an huge array of topics from nutrition, health, lifestyle, relationships, business and organizational coaching.

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